Racing for Skills - Completed!

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Racing for Skills - Completed!

Postby DJBIDOUILE » 07 May 2015, 19:10


Racing for Skills - Completed!

Wednesday was the sixth and the final day in our Racing for Skills Community Goal Event. All targets are now destroyed and the Explore, Pursuit and Race Skill Packs unlocked for in-game cash.

Here are the combined results of this event:

Dates Shard Event Mode Count
5.1.–5.6. APEX Circuit 143,751
5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Circuit 324,272
5.1.–5.6. APEX Drag 152,768
5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Drag 273,635
5.1.–5.6. APEX Pursuit 109,033
5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Pursuit 195,345
5.1.–5.6. APEX Sprint 823,149
5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Sprint 1,663,435
5.1.–5.6. APEX Team Escape 368,720
5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Team Escape 417,672
5.1.–5.6. BOTH All Modes 4,471,780

Stay tuned for our next unlocking event on Friday.
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