This board is for testing only - you can test your new sig etc.


Postby Bojan » 09 Dec 2004, 17:11

Signature size limits
For the current signature size limits please check the Signature rules: click here

Host sigpic on
For signature image hosting you can use
Please note that only images that fit the general signature rules will be accepted.

Images not showing?

In case signatures in this forum or pictures in Showroom Challenge section don't show, it means you firewall is blocking your browser to send referer data.

The following will disable that feature in yoru firewall (it will NOT change the security of your computer):

Norton Firewall 2002 or earlier
Click here and add as a trusted website.

Norton Firewall 2003 and 2004
Click here and add as a trusted website.

Open Privacy, Cookie Control, Custom. There uncheck the "remove private header information".
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