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Re: [MW] Screenshots Request

Postby 12th Cylinder » 09 Mar 2009, 13:18


I need this one:

Mercedes SLR McLaren
Bodykit: 2
Spoiler: Tuner Carbon Tornado
Wheels: BBS LM 17''
Hood: Factor X (carbon)
Roof Scoop: Windtunnel Dual (carbon)
Paint: Metallic 32
Vinyl: Flame 10
Color 1: 28
color 2: 39
Rim Paint: 48
Window Tint: Dark Blue
Color: Black
Rear Window: 63
Door Number: 33
That's it. I've grown tired of being ignored. I am officially leaving NFSUnlimited.net.
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Re: [MW] Screenshots Request

Postby Hydro_PT » 05 Oct 2012, 16:28

Being this a game where you spend most of the game being chased by cops at full speed, to get a "scene of the police car when they are try to hunt your car" seems very easy to get. Just write "NFS Most Wanted" on Google and you should get some pictures. ;)
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