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. Delirium .

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Basic info

Need for Speed Underground 2
Car: Honda Civic Coupe Si
Date added: Wednesday, 20. January 2010
From garage: The Power Of Dreams
Description: July 2007. What you're looking at is the exclusive original version of my Delirium Civic. As you can see, the golden/orange-ish neons are even part of the color combo - purple, green, orange, silver - to make a truly psychotic combination.

Standard compact and sporty bodywork. Also, this upload about sums up my Classic Civics that I wanted to upload. In time I may return some not-so-old Civics. In the mean while stay put for the re-mixed version of the already uploaded.

"I need another painkiller..."


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Rizur Finland
Rizur`s avatar

Comments posted: 3899
Date joined: August 2007
Last active: 646 days ago
by Rizur on 20. January 2010 22:17
Well that truly is a psychotic color combo. Looks like a candy mix, lol Maybe a tad too colorful for me...
Vinyl design is decent and I like the rims here. Nothing wrong with the bodykit neither with the spoiler.
Unique work but not really my taste of style.
r3m0 Slovakia
r3m0`s avatar

Comments posted: 1787
Date joined: February 2008
Last active: 98 days ago
by r3m0 on 20. January 2010 23:28 • Given 4*
HeinzLT Lithuania
HeinzLT`s avatar

Comments posted: 1839
Date joined: October 2009
Last active: 134 days ago
by HeinzLT on 20. January 2010 23:45 • Given 4*
Nice colours and vinyls, but need to change neon colour.
kostovmilica9 Serbia
kostovmilica9`s avatar

Comments posted: 6029
Date joined: February 2009
Last active: 25 days ago
by kostovmilica9 on 21. January 2010 00:43 • Given 4*
wow , I really like it , I know orange is some unusual touch for the vinyls colourcombo , but it doesn't fit so much , maybe green neons and spoilerless , oh and if you didn't put lvl2 or lvl3 suspension , with it the car would look cooler

PS. I know it's your old ride ;) nice idea for bringing them back over here
Last edited: 2010-01-20 17:01:43. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
D-ToX Bulgaria
D-ToX`s avatar

Comments posted: 3373
Date joined: September 2007
Last active: 894 days ago
by D-ToX on 21. January 2010 00:53
Lvl2 suspension, as well as most of my cars.
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