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. Delirium .

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Basic info

Need for Speed Underground 2
Car: Honda Civic Coupe Si
Date added: Wednesday, 20. January 2010
From garage: The Power Of Dreams
Description: July 2007. What you're looking at is the exclusive original version of my Delirium Civic. As you can see, the golden/orange-ish neons are even part of the color combo - purple, green, orange, silver - to make a truly psychotic combination.

Standard compact and sporty bodywork. Also, this upload about sums up my Classic Civics that I wanted to upload. In time I may return some not-so-old Civics. In the mean while stay put for the re-mixed version of the already uploaded.

"I need another painkiller..."


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Nasko Bulgaria
Nasko`s avatar

Comments posted: 15303
Date joined: November 2005
Last active: 237 days ago
by Nasko on 21. January 2010 15:26 • Given 5*
Colors fit just great to its name crazy vinyls and awesome body work
Last edited: 2010-02-02 15:02:13. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
Reemus Slovakia
Reemus`s avatar

Comments posted: 9039
Date joined: April 2007
Last active: 1057 days ago
by Reemus on 21. January 2010 16:36 • Given 4*
same like before ..bodywork and rims fit spoiler looks very good same colours but vinyls ..50/50
J-J Studios Netherlands
J-J Studios`s avatar

Comments posted: 2140
Date joined: October 2008
Last active: 198 days ago
by J-J Studios on 22. January 2010 03:25 • Given 4*
Well I honestly can't do anything but agree with veresis, this body is unworthy of being showcased on a car with these vinyls... as I'm expecting from you they're flawless... The body is just too much 'same-old-sh*t' (yes I realise I do the same thing all the time) if you know what I mean, which is not what I expected from you.
D-ToX Bulgaria
D-ToX`s avatar

Comments posted: 3373
Date joined: September 2007
Last active: 885 days ago
by D-ToX on 22. January 2010 04:35
Yep, back in the day I didn't use to make this many Civics and therefore, I always went for the good sure choice in terms of bodykit. By the time it was the most flowing, compact, line-following-one for the Civic.

2007, man, 2007. I've joined this place October 2006 with my first account. Considering I was a noob until January 2007, I think this car was pretty much the bomb for the time being and for my skills also. The whole idea of this Classic retrospection is to show that I've had the potential of making some cool cars even back then Aaah, brings back good memories
Hardcore drifter United Kingdom
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Comments posted: 2783
Date joined: December 2006
Last active: 1000 days ago
by Hardcore drifter on 23. January 2010 00:47 • Given 5*
Nasko said it all, another speechless car Your presentation skills are of the scale
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