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. OcuLuS .

. Blue Lion . >> by Moe-Z-

Basic info

Need for Speed Underground
Car: Nissan 350Z
Date added: Tuesday, 16. August 2011
From garage: Underground
Description: After some time another Z into my underground garage.
Well, I think the car speaks for itself. Just stare at it.



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m27 Slovakia
m27`s avatar

Comments posted: 1351
Date joined: December 2007
Last active: 24 hours ago
by m27 on 16. August 2011 22:42 • Given 5*
DemonRay Australia
DemonRay`s avatar

Comments posted: 1377
Date joined: November 2006
Last active: 910 days ago
by DemonRay on 17. August 2011 07:12 • Given 5*
Really nice design,looks good.Great finished product.
kostovmilica9 Serbia
kostovmilica9`s avatar

Comments posted: 6029
Date joined: February 2009
Last active: 16 days ago
by kostovmilica9 on 17. August 2011 07:24 • Given 5*
How do you get that anti-aliasing in the ingame screen? Wanna have it.

Anyway I never thought that white base colour's gonna look this good. Looks awesome when it's enhanced/rebrushed. Vinyls have some nice flow. Looks like some misterious eye with such power, idk. Bodywork is just plain amazing, never thought that aeromax spoiler's gonna do it this well. And enkei suzuka, they're amazing in black. Also love the cf elements on the front (know it's edited anyway) and added alpine decal.

All in all, amazing, top-notch stuff.
Dr Houbenheimer Australia
Dr Houbenheimer`s avatar

Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 75 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 17. August 2011 08:02 • Given 5*
Oh my god, that vinylwork is absolutely amazing :O Love it! Bodywork is all really great as well.

Colours really suite too Perfect car imo, nothing I can fault.

PS. Compared to your normal kickass-ness, this isn't my favourite pres, I think this beauty could have a better one knowing your skills, but still, looks awesome. I think that colourful bg doesn't really suite the style of the car.
HeinzLT Lithuania
HeinzLT`s avatar

Comments posted: 1839
Date joined: October 2009
Last active: 154 days ago
by HeinzLT on 17. August 2011 08:05 • Given 5*
Oh dear!!! oO

This car is just amazing!

Going straight to my FAV's list.
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