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Refining the Car - Step 2

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Basic info

Need for Speed Underground 2
Car: Lexus iS300
Date added: Monday, 26. March 2007
From garage: Evolution
Description: I love beefed up 4 door saloons, they’re sensible yet fast. That’s probably the reason why I would always go for the Audi RS4 instead of the BMW M3. Plus BMWs are for pimps and drug dealers…

The Lexus iS300 already is fast, but unlike the above, it doesn’t look that way. What you see before you is my take on a Lexus racer that looks, feels and conveys racing without being a slave to one aftermarket manufacturer or another.

Green accents on both the mirrors and rims help tie the color scheme to the entire car, and leaving out the spoiler helps keep the original silhouette undisturbed.
Body work was inspired by the Volvo S40 Evolve – powerful yet refined.

This is my work, and now it’s for you to see. Do with it as you wish. I’m satisfied with the result regardless of your comments or votes.

Thanks Bart for giving me back this car


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Stylez United States
Stylez`s avatar

Comments posted: 894
Date joined: October 2006
Last active: 702 days ago
by Stylez on 27. March 2007 20:18
Im working on a lexus too lol man alot of them lately. Man these vinyls are just stunning o_O. Im wicked impressed. And the colors match up perfectly.
T.J. Grewal
T.J. Grewal`s avatar

Comments posted: 2072
Date joined: November 2006
Last active: 690 days ago
by T.J. Grewal on 29. March 2007 03:41 • Given 5*
LMS.......u proved ur point.......well done..........really nicely pulled off colors and vinyls......this deserves to be a 10.
Elinor Bulgaria
Elinor`s avatar

Comments posted: 1281
Date joined: December 2006
Last active: 2335 days ago
by Elinor on 6. April 2007 17:44 • Given 5*
GReat car!
Really like the combo between this champagne base color and the vinyl!
REally nice work on the details!
Interesting rim choice!The front is a bit too aggressive for me, but still unique idea!10p
Last edited: 2007-04-06 17:04:14. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
SpeedC`s avatar

Comments posted: 8042
Date joined: November 2005
Last active: 1011 days ago
by SpeedC on 7. April 2007 16:10 • Given 3*
With brushed vinyls, rotated decals, and all smoothed out parts it hardly looks like a nfsu2 car. It's not bad styling here, but the green ain't my type of mix, rims with green are what kill it, looking kinda ricer. I think black rims would do fine, and green in vinyls can yet stay without damaging the car look. I like vinyl design, really innovative. About brakes, they look a bit off, and the fb works amazingly in this type of car, a great discovery. All in all, very peculiar design, keep it going
Demon666`s avatar

Comments posted: 444
Date joined: November 2006
Last active: 2511 days ago
by Demon666 on 12. April 2007 20:09 • Given 5*
those rims drive me nuts, i love em
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