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European M3 E46

<< Red Planet M3European Lost Puppet >> by thenewinsanity

Basic info

Need for Speed ProStreet
Car: 2001 BMW M3 E46
Date added: Friday, 27. June 2008
From garage: European Imports
Description: a simple pres of my new lost puppet m3


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Joined: 27. Jun 2008
Finished duels
Joined: 27. Jun 2008
Finished duels


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tb3nz Malaysia
tb3nz`s avatar

Comments posted: 1619
Date joined: December 2007
Last active: 1715 days ago
by tb3nz on 28. June 2008 17:12 • Given 5*
looking great ;) ..
Racing M3 GTR Australia
Racing M3 GTR`s avatar

Comments posted: 4894
Date joined: February 2006
Last active: 1128 days ago
by Racing M3 GTR on 29. June 2008 08:31 • Given 5*
Pres looks great, but can't see much of the car.
TRANSFORMER Russian Federation

Comments posted: 1027
Date joined: October 2010
Last active: 329 days ago
by TRANSFORMER on 30. June 2008 19:51 • Given 5*
"Unique Lost BMW!"
baumaxx1 Australia
baumaxx1`s avatar

Comments posted: 7843
Date joined: December 2005
Last active: 1201 days ago
by baumaxx1 on 1. July 2008 07:23
Rule 1. Never chop the car off unless it's for effect... here it looks like the photographer didn't know what he was doing.

Rule 2. Show the car off, don't hide it.

Rule 3. Progress... many of your preses are quite basic still... they need to have a professional look, which means maybe getting brushes, C4Ds, and textures to use for added effect, and use some of the effects to your advantage to give it a bit of spice.
Otherwise, enhanced in-game shots/photoshoots or realistic preses can be very effective too.
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