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.Infiniti & Beyond.

by Dr JBomb

Basic info

Need for Speed Carbon
Car: 2004 Infiniti G35
Date added: Thursday, 8. July 2010
From garage: Need For speed Carbon
Description: Well my first ever Carbon ride
I'm pretty happy with what I've put up on this one. I think the body is great, there were a selection of wide body kits but I don't think any of them were right for this ride.

For the pres, simple, easy and quick. I hand drew the background image. It's supposed to represent the vinyls but obviously doesn't look like the vinyls in game but my idea was to create something that looks like it or goes along the lines of that.

Comments and rates appreciated


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Dr Houbenheimer Australia
Dr Houbenheimer`s avatar

Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 73 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 8. July 2010 15:32 • Given 3*
Your getting better, especially with your presentations. For your first Carbon car, this is great, the vinyls flow quite nicely, though they are a tad simple. The G35 probably isn't the easiest car to tune, but you've done an alright job.

Pres is nice, window shine is good, background is nice and creative, with the rain I would erase some parts lightly to make it look less even and fake, but it's still good. When you rebrush vinyls though they can't be one flat colour, you need to intergrate the lighting so it looks like it's actually on the car. A tip with trying to emulate the vinyls in the background - simply duplicate vinyl rebrush layer and put it back behind the car and enlarge it to how big you want it, and maybe lower the opacity to say...60%,

Nasko Bulgaria
Nasko`s avatar

Comments posted: 15303
Date joined: November 2005
Last active: 265 days ago
by Nasko on 8. July 2010 16:03 • Given 3*
Awesome body work here, but vinyls could be way more complicated mate
jakarte 1996 Ukraine
jakarte 1996`s avatar

Comments posted: 3186
Date joined: July 2009
Last active: 877 days ago
by jakarte 1996 on 8. July 2010 16:21 • Given 4*
kostovmilica9 Serbia
kostovmilica9`s avatar

Comments posted: 6029
Date joined: February 2009
Last active: 14 days ago
by kostovmilica9 on 9. July 2010 15:09
Well , it is nicely done for a first ride , but not my taste at all.

Vinyls are just too simple IMO. It looks like you used just 2 layers. Colourcombo doesn't kill me. Bodykit is alright , but spoilerless would be better , since Infiniti is elegant ride. And rims aren't that good IMO. Maybe try RO-JA Formula 1 or 2 , that curvy 5-spokes one , don't remember how is it calling. And it needs some white decals.

Pres is the one of your bests , everything is aight aight , except the rain. I would totally remove it. And some parts of the car are unprecisely cutted. Fe. bottom part the front wheels , on the spoiler and bottom part of rear bumper.
Robi_26 Canada
Robi_26`s avatar

Comments posted: 1456
Date joined: November 2008
Last active: 778 days ago
by Robi_26 on 2. August 2010 03:34 • Given 5*
Its a simple vinyl, but your car still awesome

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