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Underground 2 Carbon ProStreet Undercover SHIFT World HotPursuit SHIFT2


by monster7461

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Need for Speed World
Car: Lotus Elise
Date added: Wednesday, 20. October 2010
Description: this is the livery of my team.....hope you like it !!!!!!


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WORLD Challenge 76. place


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Dr Houbenheimer Australia
Dr Houbenheimer`s avatar

Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 82 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 1. November 2010 14:55
Ugh sorry don't really like it...there are some nice ideas like the minor flames on the HL's, but they aren't done very well and the whole design is a mix of themes and colours.
Comments posted: 20
Date joined: November 2010
Last active: 1393 days ago
by Wezkker on 4. November 2010 18:03
it sucks!!!!!!!!!!
MADBIKER1960 Canada
Comments posted: 23
Date joined: September 2010
Last active: 1082 days ago
by MADBIKER1960 on 5. November 2010 07:09
The flaming eagle on the side did it for me.

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