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Lexus SS

<< Sister of the GirlfriendDrift Brothers >> by Stoyancho

Basic info

Need for Speed Underground 2
Car: Lexus iS300
Date added: Friday, 7. January 2011
From garage: "Tunning Central U2"
Description: SS=Sport series.(Nothing is edited on car!And please let's not talk about pres,its only for better view of the car ).

..With this car i want to give an advice to the tunners,which upload very often their "2 min." cars.Please make less,but more quality and complex ones!

..And also in my opinion is not good to say in your description things like "i like how this flows,or i like how good is this part",and so on..It's pretty sure that you like your car,but let us to see the things.I think good tuners see and "feel" them,hehe ;)


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Nasko Bulgaria
Nasko`s avatar

Comments posted: 15303
Date joined: November 2005
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by Nasko on 13. January 2011 15:31 • Given 5*
It's really great to see something new from you mate

This one is good example for the great tuning possibilities of U2 amazing mix of body parts and vinyls here, kinda agree with kostov about the rims, maybe they could be better, but those look nice too, colors are awesome (always loved blue/green combo), cf trunk finished grey base color, love it

TRANSFORMER Russian Federation

Comments posted: 1027
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by TRANSFORMER on 13. January 2011 18:17 • Given 5*
I do ONLY not like the grey Vinylcolour of that Lexus - the Rest is creative Work!
Last edited: 2011-01-13 11:01:02. Edited 2 time(s) in total.
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