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NFS Boxart favour

Postby Gavh2 » 25 Sep 2007, 09:51

Hey guys. I posted about my covers a while back but have not continued with it for a while because of my studies. I want to try finish it but, the boxart is a problem for me since I dont have the original boxes for my games and so I can't scan the pictures in. I got the original box of NFS 1 Road and Track from a buddy, WOOOT!!!! :D I am looking for the following:

NFS 3 Hot Pursuit
NFS Road and Track
NFS Porsche Unlimited/2000

I tried to recreate the coverart screenshots ingame by doing screenshots but, it does not work too well. I'm doing my best to keep the covers as close to the originals as possible but certain things limit me from this...

The main thing I am looking for is the screenshots on the back of the covers. So I ask a favour of all of you. If you have the boxart, could you make high res scans for me, PRETTY PLEASE? :) I don't know how I could repay you for your effort, I'll make you a cool avatar or something, hehe :D Below is an example of the state of some of my coverart. Missing screenshots etc.
NFS P2000 rear cover small.jpg
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