Nfs3 iplounge race inaugural events

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Nfs3 iplounge race inaugural events

Postby Oliver Oresic » 19 Aug 2015, 11:32

The new video of nfs3 iplounge inaugural race events is here:

This is live action racing of me (SfanFZR) and RSSjak (Sjakki) racing nfs3 hot pursuit on Hometown.

Nfs3 is from now playable online on iplounge and replays can be saved, so second part of the video is the replay to prove that (nfs4 could not save replays of online races). The game still laggs sometimes a little, so we apologize for that, but I will be fixed soon. The procedure to race nfs3 online is very similar to nfs4, but stats are not saved yet to any site, like nfs4 is on hoss. Also the mixer for expansion pack is not created yet like for nfs4.

Nfs3 expansion pack is following footsteps of nfs4 high stakes expansion pack
Nfs3 expansion pack contains almost all nfs1 tracks, all nfs2 tracks + bonus tracks created by Giles Bett (nfs g-b) + many bonus features, thanks to Exotic Lover (Reptillian) and me

Catch up is not allowed, I play under categories: tuning+gofast, no gofast+tuning, iplounge online: no tuning no gofast assists on/off
This is: no tuning no gofast no assists

Expansion packs here nfs3 NFS3 Expansion Pack
nfs4 Team-RSR - Downloads/Tools
nfs4 Team-RSR - Downloads/Tools FileFactory

nfs4 is played online by iplounge program latest version here
how to play nfs4 online and set up for windows 7, 8 and 10 x64 64 bit with expansion pack (extra cars, nfs1, nfs2 se tracks included + bonus tracks)
works with nglide 3dfx glide wrapper, latest version 1.04 supports windows 10, here
compabiltiy list
Join us for Need For Speed High Stakes online racing here -
you can also race nfs 5 porsche unleashed (pu) and nfs hot pursuit 2 as well (hp2)on iplounge
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