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Carbon Reward card help

Postby Renegade5286 » 04 Jul 2008, 07:22

Ok i know carbons been out for a while but i just got the game for my 360 and I'm in kind of dilemma here. Iv beat the game once and then started a new alias to get the 1000000 cash achievement but choose to keep this alias because of the rewards cards being an achievement. Now I need to get iron wall but the only race i have left is the last boss race and i really dont want to have to start a new alias and do all of the work again for this one thing. Is there a way to start a new career on an alias without loosing my rewards cards and online rank.
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Re: Carbon Reward card help

Postby jeffr » 05 Jul 2008, 01:00

You don't need to start a new career.

Iron Wall - win 20 defensive races in career mode. Start a race, abort, and exit to free roam. Repeat until a challenge occurs. Repeat this sequence until "Iron Wall" is rewarded. It may help to do this on a race you haven't completed yet, but I don't think it's needed. At the top Silverton, there's a canyon drift event at Journeymans Bane, which seems to trigger challenges. Try starting and aborting that event, but with a good grip car (versus a drift car) to deal with the challenge.
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Re: Carbon Reward card help

Postby scoobeephantom » 07 Jul 2008, 23:03

beat all the races, then start going and redoing races until you get iron wall, cus after a couple of races the ai will challenge you
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