Underground Suddenly Stops working...

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Underground Suddenly Stops working...

Postby Carcrazy » 01 Jan 2007, 07:38

Ok, I'll be playing online (because I'm alsways online) finish a race, after it loads and starts to connect to EA it crashes sayign speed.exe has stopped working, the equilelent of Windows XP's debug or illegal operaton message. So after I close the program (because it makes me close the program) I go back to the desktop and run the game again. Same message. Underground will basicly work for about 2 days and then stop working for no reason. This is not the first time this has happened. It always does it. What shoudl I do?

Sys specs...

EDIT:Did some hacking in Vista and got it to work. :D
EDITAGAIN: I just jynxed it... as soon as I said that it stoped working again. :(

It tuns out that is I keep changing the compatability settings it will run but once it tryies to load the race it will crash. It always seems to have a problem with loading. It crashed when loading the game itself and when you try to load a race. This thing is screwier than Most Wanted! lol
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Re: Underground Suddenly Stops working...

Postby mjsoeph1 » 02 Jan 2009, 23:01

i wanna know how many online races i have finished
is there a way of knowin how many u hav finished
would be greatful for an answer
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