NFSUnlimited General Rules

Please read the general rules and announcements in this forum before posting for the first time and using website user-restricted areas.
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NFSUnlimited General Rules

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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out the NFSUnlimited General Rules. Please follow these rules and help keep a friendly website.

General Account Rules

:arrow: Only one account per user allowed
In case of a user using more than one account, all accounts will be deactivated.

:arrow: No illegal, offensive or explicit content
You are not allowed to promote any illegal and/or offensive content, including but not limited to any illegal content, pornography, racism, "warez", or any other content offensive to any of our users. This website is intended for all ages so do not post anything that is not meant for younger people. Means of promoting such content include, but are not limited to posting in forum, comments on the website, chatroom, signatures, garage and car descriptions.

:arrow: No commercial content
You are not allowed to promote commercial products and/or services through any of's services. If you wish to advertise your product/service, contact the webmaster on

:arrow: No spam
That includes but is not limited to private message spamming, spamming in forums and in comments.
Sending massive amounts of private messages asking users to visit your garage or your duel is generally not allowed unless you are only contacting users that are willing to receive such messages.
Promoting your website, chatroom, forum can only be done once on all areas on the site. If posted as a new topic in the forum, it is not allowed to "bump" the topic - intentionally replying for only purpose of getting the topic to the top in the forum.

General Posting Rules
Applicable to forum and comments on website. Includes everything from General Account Rules plus the below listed rules.

:arrow: No swearing
Although we do have some filters of bad words installed, not all are filtered out, so watch your language and communicate in a civilized manner. Deliberately defeating the word filter in order to post a swear will attract a warning/ban (see Warnings and Bans).

:arrow: Post on topic and in the correct board
Check the topic title and don't post content that is unrelated to the thread you're posting in! For general discussion there's the Off Topic board. For personal messages to other users, please use the private messaging system.
Also please look at all the forum boards available. The first section is Need for Speed only, the second section is related and the last section is for general and off-topic discussion. Choose the board that fits your new topic best.

:arrow: Special forum posting rules
  • No cross posting (posting the same topic in multiple board).
  • If you are starting a new topic with a common question, please search the board first.
  • Do not post replies with no content, especially not to old topics.
  • Reviving old topics is not prohibited, but only do so if you are posting something that you feel is important.
:arrow: Post only in English
Posts in any other languages will be deleted. Please also try to keep your language 'correct' - don't revert to 'txt' speech or 'leet' speech, or whatever seems to the be the latest shorthand Internet flavour of the month. We have a lot of members here from all over the world, many of whom don't speak English as their native tongue. Be considerate and make your posts easy to read by all.

:arrow: Pretending to be a moderator/staff member is not allowed
We have enough staff members that can deal with everything that's going on on the board. They will also know best how to deal with users breaking any rules. So do not tell anyone what to and what not to do, do not issue warnings. If you do spot any posts that break any of the rules listed on this page, we will be happy if you report it to us by either sending a pm to one of the staff members, or emailing

Signature and Avatar Rules
Includes everything from General Account Rules plus the below listed rules.

:arrow: Signatures
  • Max image width: 550px
  • Max overall height (image+text): 120px
  • Max filesize of all items in signature: 60kB
This is an example of how high the signature can be. This is biggest picture you can put in your signature. Please note that with a 120px tall signature pic, additional lines of text are not allowed.
  • Image
For signature image hosting you can use Please note that only images that up to 550x120px are be accepted and that the max filesize is 60kB.

:arrow: Avatars
  • Max width: 100px
  • Max height: 100px
Car Showroom and SR Challenge Rules
Includes everything from General Account Rules plus the below listed rules.

:arrow: No explicit content
Uploading any explicit content to the showroom (including avatars, garage images and main entries) is prohibited and will result in immediate account deactivation.

:arrow: Follow the rules for submitting pictures
Car showroom has specified rules, only pictures that follow the rules will be accepted. We do however have the right to accept pictures that don't follow the rules, but are exceptional. On the other side we also have the right to reject any picture.
Each Showroom Challenge has competition specific rules, only pictures that follow those rules will be accepted without exceptions.

:arrow: No plagiarism
Plagiarism (claiming another’s work as your own), whether it be academic, artistic, etc. is not acceptable and will be removed immediately, with a warning/ban issued to the user (see Warnings and Bans).

Chat Rules
These rules apply to both the NFSUnlimited Chat and the #nfsunlimited IRC channel on Includes everything from General Account Rules plus the below listed rules.

:arrow: No spam and flooding
Spamming the channel with repeated, irrelevant text, advertising your team/clan to excess and any other generally annoying messages are not tolerated. Flooding the channel will result in a ban.

:arrow: No swearing and flaming
As with all other parts of the site, swearing is not allowed. Flaming at other users will also not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another user, please discuss it with an Admin.

:arrow: English only
Please speak only English in the chat. Use a private message if you want to talk to someone in private.

Warnings and Bans
When found breaking any of these rules you will be notified via email (sent to the email set in your profile) or by the site private messaging (PM) system. That email will contain the reason and the number of so called "Warning points". You will be "awarded" with up to 10 warning points and when you reach 10, your account will be deactivated. In every warning mail you will be notified on how many points you have been awarded and how many you have. reserves the right to change these rules at any time.
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