Get some life back

2015 Need for Speed

Get some life back

Postby Overreactman » 07 Nov 2015, 01:30

I love, but I am just not seeing any activity here any more. Is the site on its last legs? We have a brand new NFS in our hands world wide and there is no one talking about it. The showroom does not have a section for it. Nothing. We need a spark here. Yes, I can get my fill of gorgeous rides at, but that community is nothing like here. Here the people would always leave helpful comments, talk about how to improve your design, what they liked, and what was not working. On reddit, if they don't like it they just downvote and move on with no feedback.

I hope this is not the end of this site, but if it is then it was a good run.
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Re: Get some life back

Postby Rizur » 21 Nov 2015, 11:11

Hey man, nice to see a familiar name who's also interested in NFS15 :wink:

Yeah I was also hoping that NFSUnlimited would come back alive now that we have even somewhat proper NFS again. It did bring me back (sort of) after 3 years. I was especially hoping for the Showroom to bring life to this site again but I'm getting a feeling that Bojan doesn't have time and energy to keep this site up and alive. But I have to admit I myself also don't have time at the current state of my life for posting news or anything else.

Anyway when I do get time you can find me in Ventura Bay with PSN Riksteri_ and I'm also in reddit with nickname REIKU_
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