My image of a new NFS Racing Game

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My image of a new NFS Racing Game

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Hello everybody,

I have taken sometimes the time to provide a Need for Speed Project as I and the other people wish about next NFS racing game.
The project contains a detailed readable documents and some nice pictures of cars, tuning, wheels and other things.

I have tried to translate with help of internet program everything into English, because my English knowledge is not so good.

I want to reach with the fact, that’s all people can read and share the project, who knows, maybe an employee from NFS bumps into the project and develops it.

The download file “Project” is little big largely with 160 MB, because of the pictures, but it is worth seeing, there are really interesting documents of read and some nice cool pictures.

I have a file for the download ready
The Project of NFS

( Internet left in shortens )

I am new here in this forum and must wait to me the right one has around on the left to post
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