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Postby Peelster1 » 20 Feb 2011, 17:27

I think a help forum should be placed in for solving website issues. When I signed up for this site, I had a question about uploading images. I posted in the "Older Need For Speed Games" forum because my images had to do with TNFSSE. Now I'm having some problems reverting an images on the wiki for NFSMW. I could post about that in the NFSMW forum, but it just doesn't seem correct posting there if I'm not directly talking about the game, or mods, or the map.

The help forum doesn't need to be just for the wiki either. It should be for any technical issues that one might be having anywhere on the site. Now if someone is having problems with, (for example) a mod for a specific NFS game they should probably post in the forum for that game.
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Re: Help Forum

Postby Bojan » 25 Feb 2011, 22:53

Hey, for any website issues, this forum (Comments & Suggestions) is the forum to post int.
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