I have an Idea for a "New" NFS game

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I have an Idea for a "New" NFS game

Postby mjarnason13 » 08 Mar 2014, 21:09

I'm going to start of saying that I don't like were the NFS thing is going I played Rivals last night and I'm bored with it already... There's nothing going on but just randomly smashing supercars into everything. You can be a cop and then you have to smash racers or you can be a racer and try to avoid being smashed by the cops and that's it? I don't know but I don't like it. And I don't like the Car lists in the newer NFS games, Why all the Ferrari's and Lamborghini's? what happened to all the normal cars? I for one would much rather like to drive a Muscle, Retro or Tuner than a Supercar I'd like to put together some of the older NFS game ideas and make a "New" game and here is my Idea...

I'm kind of thinking of a Need For Speed shift 3 kind of thing but with more details...

You should be able to Customize everything from body parts to decals Not just buy the body kit pack that transforms your car into a full "works car" but do what ever you want like in NFS carbon or Underground
And also you should be able to paint everything on the car just like you can in real life...
you can put whatever decal where ever you want and create something unique.

The handling should be similar to NFS Shift 2

I'd like to be able to choose pretty much whatever I wanted not just the Italian Super cars.
I'd like to have cars from 1940's to the present. American, German, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Italian and British Cars
Muscle, retro, pickup's (old and new), SUV's (old and new) New cars, tuners and exotic's.

Story line:
There has to be a story of some sort to keep the player interested not like in the Gran Turismo games where you just pick a car and then drive it for an hour...
You should start as an amateur and have to work your way up the rankings to become a professional Racer
in a Normal race and also drag and drift.
And I also like to be able to race with a friend (who is sitting next to me, not somewhere in the world) in 2 player arcade like you could in the NFS Underground games.

I like the idea of having to buy/rent a garage to store your cars and to upgrade and tune them
hire people to your crew who have special skills like mechanic, fabricator and so on
Also a very important thing I think should be in ANY racing game, you should be able to buy a rustbucket or a fixer upper or a wrecked car from the scrapyard or from someone that you could overhaul and then race in it and bring it to car shows (offline and online) and also engine swaps... I'd like to be able to Engine swap my Lada 2103 1977 and put in a V8 or a SRT4 like you could in real life if you had the right people working on it with you.
And I would like to be able to buy spare parts like if the right front fender is rusty I could go find a new fender and so on and so on.

Sorry for the long post I just can't be the only one who would like a game like that...
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