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Re: Prefered Tuning

Postby kct on 19 Nov 2007, 03:42

I was thrown off-balance by the wheelies.
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Re: Prefered Tuning

Postby Dark_Ride on 22 Jan 2008, 17:41

The tunning should be apropiate for the type of race... and should match your oponent´s cars. I used to do interior tunning and leave the exterior stock, so you think you are racing angainst a sheep and it´s in fact a wolf. But now the racing its more Pro and i try my cars to look More race-like.
My favorite tunning is Suspension and Tyres. Most people think about engines and power and that stuff. Cars built for speed!! I like more to drive and control my cars perfectly and that two upgrades help doing that. And in fact that helps you go faster, ´cause you dont have to brake that much you loose less speed inthe corners and you get a faster line...

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Re: Prefered Tuning

Postby Rico_GT-R on 04 Feb 2008, 18:39

I prefer tuning the engine.
nothing better than a sleeper...

But style is also very important.... :D
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Re: Prefered Tuning

Postby speedo52 on 16 Feb 2008, 16:08

i prefer to make sleepers as well tune the car perfectly for its race type then go outside and let people laugh at how your car looks :( then they race you and you lap them lol :D :lol:
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