Tunning Ideas

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Tunning Ideas

Postby Dark_Ride on 02 Feb 2008, 14:17

I Would like the tunning in the game to be more specific, and have more options, for example: engine swapping :twisted: , the lenght of the exhaust pipes, types of exhaust manyfolds, different types of intercoolers or watercoolers, slick tyres :twisted: , boost pressure, etc

Yes maybe is a little too much gearhead, but with the blueprints more mechanical customization in possible!!!

What you guys think??
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Re: Tunning Ideas

Postby walkinshaw 750 on 18 Feb 2008, 08:05

yea i agree, because i love cars n i doin one up wif ma dad. but...for people tht dont kno much about cars, this cud get a lil confusin for them. but still a great idea. i wud like it
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