Weekend Raceday

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Weekend Raceday

Postby popsy123 on 14 Dec 2007, 18:10

I have an idea. Why don't you guys(Race Organizer) Host an Weekend Raceday for everyone in our team to practice their skill with each other.

P.S. I will help you guys out in getting an EA username 'cause you must have every one as a friends after that you would invite them to your Raceday (We should seperate the type of specialist too.)
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Re: Weekend Raceday

Postby Gunsmith on 23 Dec 2007, 19:40

sorry, im new here but i have a suggestion, I've been hosting private racedays for people of another racing community using Hamachi and the Lan function in the 1.1 patch. you'd obviosly need to relay the ip address of the server here but we found overall performance to be a lot better then using EA's online function.

admittidly all those who tried it were based in the UK so im not sure what it'd be like for international racing but i suppose we could give it a go :)
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Re: Weekend Raceday

Postby Rico_GT-R on 04 Feb 2008, 18:35

good idea.... :D
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