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Postby xturbo » 15 Nov 2005, 01:55

i need help can you or anyone go to the test board please???
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Postby RavenGT » 15 Nov 2005, 02:49

Tyrant wrote:
RavenGT wrote:Hey guys, snap snap. Here's something to consider. Have you guys ever noticed that NFS Most Wanted is a CURRENT GENERATION game, and Gotham 3 is a NEXT GENERATION game?

Smart thinking, guys.

Why? They both appear on X360. :/

Just because NFSMW is on the Xbox 360 platform, doesn't automatically make it a next-generation game. Remember, it's just a current generation game ported to next generation technology/hardware.

Perhaps you don't quite understand the whole next generation term? It's alright, but just don't misunderstand it.

EDIT: About the whole deal about Xbox 360 having better graphics.

I don't think this is true. The reason why it appears to be this way because Xbox 360 already has the appopriate hardware to run the game at absolutely max settings. Xbox 360 also uses 720 HD resolution with anti-aliasing, so I guess that you can say that the X360 version does technically look better. However I'm sure that you can get the same results with a top-notch widescreen LCD and a $4000 rig.
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Postby baadmw » 15 Nov 2005, 15:53

i have played PGR3 on X360 and i wasnt shocked by the graphics... they were nice but not as nice as the screens i have seen from the game
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