The most popular online car...

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Re: The most popular online car...

Postby KammyworldRacerGT4 » 03 Dec 2008, 01:07

Frenzy wrote:I know, why don't we revive a topic that's been revived 2 times already. >.<

Make it three.

I don't care for popular cars in online mode, and it's retarded dribble like this that makes me ashamed to ever sign up for online mode. I have the right to choose which cars I want to race with, right? Why must I always lose to the point where I have to copy nearly everyone else, and STILL lose due to trainers? Why, I ask you? WHY?! :evil:
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Re: The most popular online car...

Postby DeathNesu » 20 Nov 2011, 10:05

Online? The Hachi-Roku.

I discovered that some cars I tested in Quick Race are actually capable of obtaining a high acceleration and top speed [bars] without uniques. The Trueno isn't one of them.

Those I tested:
-Fairlady Z Z33 [My main. 8) ]
-Celica GT-S
-Skyline [My SECOND main]
-Tiburon...i think :?
-Mustang GT [Low handling turns me off though. #-o ]

Notify me if there are any others. I had a memory lapse #-o .
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Re: The most popular online car...

Postby Deigima » 14 Dec 2011, 03:13

okay. seriously guys. whats this shiznit with drifting fwd cars. it doesnt work that way :| i personally havent tried with a high powered fwd car but they cant drift for shiznit when standard/mild modified. drifting is a controlled slide through a corner, tell me, if the front wheels are spinning, how much controll do you really have? no front traction=no steering. herpaderpfail.
personally my favourite car to drift atm is the sprinter, altho it takes a while to accumulate enough hp to do it efficiently, once you have 200+ hp and the car tuned right, its a bloody dream to drift.
next in line for favourite on drift is the mustang, just for the pure challenge of managing the torquey engine revving its guts out and keeping the car from spinning out, is just so much fun :3

i like the is300 for circuit/sprint/url, just a nice stable car that handles nicely and has a decent amount of power. also i really love the looks of it :D the 350z is a real fun car for this too.

havent worked out my drag favourite yet.. never really experimented much with drag racing, just won the races, took the money, and continued with what im doing.

sprinter for street x aswell, its super responsive and perfectly suited for the tight street x tracks.

most popular online car? i dont know. i want to go online but i cant work out how. i think the servers for nfsu2 got shut down perhaps?
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Re: The most popular online car...

Postby Hydro_PT » 14 Dec 2011, 23:53

I bet the servers were closed down many years ago. The game is from 2004...
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Re: The most popular online car...

Postby Mr Xclusive » 24 Sep 2012, 04:03

skyline drifts amazing
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