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Nissan R35

<< *-370z[s]izzle style-* by skyline-man295

Basic info

Need for Speed Undercover
Car: 2007 Nissan GT-R
Date added: Sunday, 23. November 2008
From garage: \_::::Tuners::::_\
Description: "hello " I havn"t been uploading on this site in a long time now and here again i will start !

Nfs Undercover .
The game is a good game but it is to easy! i completed it in 12 hours and there isint really a story line to it "even though they say it dose " overall it is a good game and the open world is hudge!!

The Car
This is my first Nfs Undercover car and of course it is the "Skyline" it is a pretty simple car so don"t go to hard on me! there are a couple of decals a nice spoiler and some nice rims to set it of . This is really a track car rather than a street car i really love this car alot hope u do "!"

please R/C thank - you!


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MM14 Australia
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Comments posted: 255
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 3827 days ago
by MM14 on 13. December 2008 04:23 • Given 1*
nah, not for me.
Z0L1 Hungary
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Comments posted: 1649
Date joined: June 2008
Last active: 3049 days ago
by Z0L1 on 14. December 2008 21:50 • Given 5*
cealn and simple..
TwilightGTR United States
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Comments posted: 41
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 3932 days ago
by TwilightGTR on 15. December 2008 10:28 • Given 5*
I like how its not too simple, but not to artistic. Good job!
RDS Malaysia
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Comments posted: 388
Date joined: November 2007
Last active: 2284 days ago
by RDS on 16. December 2008 05:12 • Given 5*
so nice ...
but the rim seen lik not match ...
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