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Underground 2 ProStreet Undercover SHIFT World HotPursuit SHIFT2 Need for Speed 2015

A Need for Speed ProStreet Challenge.

CTC 7 theme voting now open!

The CTC showroom group is open too: [link]
Join it so we can feature CTC winners, other CTC cars, discuss the competition, receive updates and show your support.

=> Any registered users can cast his/her votes. In order for the user's votes to count, the user must vote (rate) on all entries.

=> Rating own entries is allowed.

=> Extreme voting patterns where a user favours one entry far above others will be removed from the system. Such patterns will be considered as cheating in the competition which could result in account termination.

=> After the initial vote, you may return to the entry to leave a comment. The second vote (out of stars) you give here will count towards it's showroom reputation, not the challenge score. Just a reminder that the second vote does not have to be based on the challenge criteria.

Final results

1. place
!Godzilla! - R34 GT-X by baumaxx1

Score: 554
2. place
***Nismo Skyline R34 Z-Tuned*** by FrankieGthang

Score: 535
3. place
GT-R by iris

Score: 535
4. place
The 'Dragon Pack' by ErikS883

Score: 533
5. place
Midnight Impreza by RAYADO

Score: 520
6. place
street japan car by Ku3o

Score: 512
7. place
Nismo R35 GT-R(midnight purple edition) by mostwantedforlife

Score: 509
8. place
Nissan Skyline JD-M (R34) by Rizur

Score: 492
9. place
JDM Civic by pimp_mo_bile_999

Score: 478
10. place
Password : JDM by Reemus

Score: 475
11. place
JDM? by m27

Score: 475
12. place
- Techa - by - Rx7 -

Score: 470
13. place
Eclipse by NarK0TiC

Score: 467
14. place
StreeT R34 by jullo

Score: 466
15. place
S15 by ktshotta

Score: 464
16. place
Bad Boy by ozzy89

Score: 464
17. place
JDM RSX by SerbaNG88

Score: 461
18. place
nismo r34GTR - special edition by Moe-Z-

Score: 457
19. place
Turbo Eclipse by thenewinsanity

Score: 455
20. place
Stylin' Si by DemonRay

Score: 455
21. place
Arospeed Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X by XCROSSX

Score: 452
22. place
JayDeeEmTyteYo by donaldgladden

Score: 447
23. place
old warrior by gabetune

Score: 432
24. place
Amuse R35 black edition by T0MMY

Score: 432
25. place
Greddy RX8 by Daniel2Hot

Score: 428
26. place
Ice Skyline by DriftingFan

Score: 425
27. place
Phat Z by Dwift

Score: 402
28. place
JDM GT-R by Zero260

Score: 401
29. place
Xturbo by xturbo

Score: 390
30. place
NISSAN by mileris

Score: 298


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iris Slovakia
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Date joined: March 2008
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by iris on 4. October 2008 21:37
cengrats to !Godzilla! and Frankie...1st and 2nd car is really nice...
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