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Mclaren F1 GTR 2001
by X-Tender
This car has new textures: bigger air scoops (front, rear, side), shaded lights and windows, new steering wheel and modified dashboard. Topspeed is about 230mph. Savegame included.
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Date added: 30. Nov 2002 13:24
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McLaren F1 GSX-R
by X-Tender
his is the 2. Version with a modified design. Lots of new air vents on the body, modified wing doors, new detailed rims in gold look and new tires, new floor design. The interior has the real McLaren F1 speedos and a modified view angle. The gear ratios are by ...
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Porsche 996 Turbo "McLaren"
by Bramzel
Modified textures, performances, handling... Setup included.