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. Lost Import .

by skyline95

Basic info

Need for Speed Underground
Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Date added: Monday, 15. June 2009
From garage: . nova
Description: Not more, not less, but a GSX! Spent over 3 hours for those vinyls, over 2 days on re-brushing, and one day on the pres, effects and other stuff... And yes, this IS Underground 1! I hope you'll all like it. This is the first car for the .nova team! Enjoy everyone!

Thanks to Moe-Z- for the name, and for some little help about the pres...


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Joined: 15. Jun 2009
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e L i x i R
e L i x i R`s avatar

Comments posted: 20
Date joined: June 2009
Last active: 1863 days ago
by e L i x i R on 15. June 2009 20:32 • Given 5*
Damn man. I'm lovin' it. Mind blowing pure.
J-J Studios Netherlands
J-J Studios`s avatar

Comments posted: 2140
Date joined: October 2008
Last active: 208 days ago
by J-J Studios on 15. June 2009 20:36 • Given 5*
Now THIS will get the U1 showroom alive.. The vinyls match up brilliantly and I love the way the Toyo AM decal fits here. The FB fits PERFECTLY and I desperately want hood decals in UG2.

This is an amazing start and I can't wait for what's coming..
n a j i n
n a j i n`s avatar

Comments posted: 437
Date joined: September 2008
Last active: 164 days ago
by n a j i n on 15. June 2009 20:40 • Given 5*
best work from you in yrs lol shocking
Mr BlackB Spain
Mr BlackB`s avatar

Comments posted: 2131
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 65 days ago
by Mr BlackB on 15. June 2009 21:17 • Given 5*
car and pres and really nice thoses, but one thing, where can i get NFS underground 1 now to start tuning
Last edited: 2009-06-15 14:06:34. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
skyline95 Croatia
skyline95`s avatar

Comments posted: 3959
Date joined: July 2007
Last active: 113 days ago
by skyline95 on 15. June 2009 21:24
Erm... Have you tried IsoHunt?
Last edited: 2009-06-15 14:06:45. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
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