NFS World maintenance patch (1st May)

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To all Need For Speed: World players, please be aware that the game servers will be shut down today (1st May) for scheduled maintenance. This maintenance will take 4 hours. The patch weighs 142 MB and the list of new content and bug fixes is below.

Start time: 20:00 GMT
End time: 00:00 GMT

New Features:

- Rep and Cash rewards have been increased by up to 100% across all game modes and all Driver Levels! Level up faster, and gain quicker access to new tracks and cars.

- Ultra performance parts have been released! Players can now earn these powerful customization items from the Lucky Draw by completing Race and Pursuit events.

- Platinum Card Packs are now available for purchase from the Card Packs store or from the Speedboost store.

- A new Car Styles Aftermarket Card Pack is available for purchase and includes new and exclusive Neons and License plates.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

- Bronze Card Packs have been removed from the game.

- The Nissan 350Z (Z33) has undergone re-tuning to increase the car's top speed and enhance its handling.

- Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed players to use the Slingshot or Traffic Magnet Powerup while in 1st place.

UPDATE TO MAINTENANCE: The maintenance has been extended for another hour. Expect the servers to be up at 01:00 GMT.

Other news:

In other news, the 2009 Mazda RX-8 is now available as a top-up car.

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