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<< NFSkyline [pres]Techlipse vs. Eclipso >> by Rizur

Basic info

Need for Speed ProStreet
Car: 1999 Acura Integra Type R
Date added: Monday, 15. December 2008
From garage: -era.PROSTREET[2] -CLOSED-
Description: Heh stupid name... but its k3wl

This one is out of my common style but I wanted to try something new... And im running out of inspiration in ProStreet...

I havent done Integra before so I decided to give it a go.
Only vision I had when I started this was it has to be blue with black hood and rims. Then I started making the vinyls and after several variations I came up with this. I dont use tribals too often but I think they fit here quite nice. And I also realised how much it looks like baumaxx1's Full Race - 180sx lol
Anyway the color combo turned out quite vivid... almost too vivid for me

I hope you like it and R/C is appreciated
(I also hope that the colors show right on your screen.. because the colors were looking wrong when the pics were in photoshop idk why... and for example at school all my cars look different than in my home screen )

Next car I upload will probably be from Undercover! Unless I have time to do a pres for my Impreza.


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Joined: 15. Dec 2008
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Matt_svk Slovakia
Matt_svk`s avatar

Comments posted: 811
Date joined: June 2008
Last active: 1678 days ago
by Matt_svk on 18. December 2008 01:59 • Given 5*
nice, I like the colors
TRANSFORMER Russian Federation

Comments posted: 1027
Date joined: October 2010
Last active: 335 days ago
by TRANSFORMER on 19. December 2008 05:31 • Given 5*
"Blue as a Base Colour does not work 4 Me, but white would fit better, however Respect!"
ErikS883 Netherlands
ErikS883`s avatar

Comments posted: 3174
Date joined: January 2007
Last active: 1607 days ago
by ErikS883 on 23. December 2008 20:15 • Given 4*
Not really my taste. The vinyls look messy, even though they are not that messy. Adn the colour is too much 'in your face!'. But the rims, body, accents and decals fit great .
speed_man United States
speed_man`s avatar

Comments posted: 3719
Date joined: November 2007
Last active: 288 days ago
by speed_man on 10. January 2009 00:06 • Given 4*
Jax [CZE] Czech Republic
Comments posted: 4371
Date joined: January 2009
Last active: 319 days ago
by Jax [CZE] on 24. January 2009 21:15 • Given 5*
Interesting style!
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