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<< Black ScorpioBlueStorm >> by Nasko

Basic info

Need for Speed SHIFT
Car: 1995 Mazda RX-7
Date added: Sunday, 15. November 2009
From garage: New hope
Description: Just something not so fancy, but look just how I love to - aggressive and sporty specially love how the paint came out


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veresis Azerbaijan
veresis`s avatar

Comments posted: 2326
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 322 days ago
by veresis on 3. January 2010 07:29 • Given 4*
and for me... i must admit i like it quite much!

color combo is not as typical, as we usually see around here; base color is great, fingerprint skull looks very good here
i believe you went for the same yellow color as txt on tires? well that was a good idea, but imo smothing smaller would work here better

ooooh, and the picture's loc/spots are amazing!!

if it werent those enormous spoiler 'n pipes....
Ant-artistik United States
Ant-artistik`s avatar

Comments posted: 167
Date joined: January 2010
Last active: 1548 days ago
by Ant-artistik on 8. January 2010 12:48 • Given 4*

It's a start towards more creative rides
TuRizMo Philippines
TuRizMo`s avatar

Comments posted: 51
Date joined: October 2007
Last active: 44 days ago
by TuRizMo on 19. February 2010 15:25 • Given 5*
5 fo' me mate! looks like a drift car! awesome RX-7
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