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by Woojin_Moojik

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Toyota Supra
Date added: Saturday, 23. October 2010
Description: <<>>
Stock Supra, Transformers style, matte paint, 31 layers.
For fans and all others...


decepticon    supra    transformers    

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Joined: 15. Dec 2011
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WORLD Challenge 34. place


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KammyworldRacerGT4 United States
KammyworldRacerGT4`s avatar

Comments posted: 2078
Date joined: July 2007
Last active: 304 days ago
by KammyworldRacerGT4 on 1. November 2010 22:23
I'm much more strict on spoiler coloring than he is, so you get a =7= from me.
Woojin_Moojik`s avatar

Comments posted: 3
Date joined: October 2010
Last active: 987 days ago
by Woojin_Moojik on 2. November 2010 00:15
Sorry for stock, I don't like these rims too, but... if only I was 25 lvl that time...) Anyway, thanx for comments! =)
veresis Azerbaijan
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Comments posted: 2326
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 350 days ago
by veresis on 2. November 2010 20:05 • Given 3*
Not bad actually, but like Milosh wrote, rims and spoiler definitely not violet/purple
MADBIKER1960 Canada
Comments posted: 23
Date joined: September 2010
Last active: 1082 days ago
by MADBIKER1960 on 5. November 2010 07:23
Very good depiction of a TransFormer. Too bad about the colors, they took away from the vote I gave you.
TheNoobofFerraris United States
TheNoobofFerraris`s avatar

Comments posted: 295
Date joined: November 2005
Last active: 114 days ago
by TheNoobofFerraris on 6. November 2010 03:05 • Given 5*
You would have had something if you kept the wheels black and put a decent bodykit and spoiler on it. Very original for this challenge though, so you still get a good score for that.
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