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by nitrogenetic5

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Need for Speed World
Car: Porsche Cayman S
Date added: Sunday, 24. October 2010


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Dr Houbenheimer Australia
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Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 53 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 1. November 2010 14:52
Flows a bit more than some of the other rides I've seen, but still doesn't really go smoothly with the car at all.
veresis Azerbaijan
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Comments posted: 2326
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 321 days ago
by veresis on 3. November 2010 00:37
Side looks okay, but rest isnt good at all. That gradients look terrible iMO, and there's too many styles at front of the car. Not bad rims and spoiler choice, but the overall look sufferes from mistakes in vinyl design...
MADBIKER1960 Canada
Comments posted: 23
Date joined: September 2010
Last active: 1053 days ago
by MADBIKER1960 on 5. November 2010 07:39
You would of got a 10 on this Batman Car if you had a level side angle shot to show off the cape coming around the shoulder.

I had to really look closely to see that.

For your efforts a 9
Mark21 Brazil
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Comments posted: 5353
Date joined: December 2006
Last active: 175 days ago
by Mark21 on 23. December 2010 22:55
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Comments posted: 72
Date joined: July 2011
Last active: 1114 days ago
by FamilyStar on 10. July 2011 02:07
Pass and look at my car, it is a Scirocco.

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