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by Bobolo

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Audi S5
Date added: Monday, 25. October 2010
Description: Pacman, a Pong game and a pixel heart


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WORLD Challenge 49. place


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m27 Slovakia
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Comments posted: 1351
Date joined: December 2007
Last active: 44 days ago
by m27 on 1. November 2010 02:52
Dr Houbenheimer Australia
Dr Houbenheimer`s avatar

Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 51 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 1. November 2010 15:22
Alright work on the characters, but is that a green hood and kit I see? Says it all.
KammyworldRacerGT4 United States
KammyworldRacerGT4`s avatar

Comments posted: 2078
Date joined: July 2007
Last active: 273 days ago
by KammyworldRacerGT4 on 1. November 2010 22:27
Pretty much...
veresis Azerbaijan
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Comments posted: 2326
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 319 days ago
by veresis on 3. November 2010 03:31
Since when Pac-Man is green? .. he looks more like a Puke-Man

Jokes aside

Unlike ~80% of competitors, you had some idea for a design - thanks god for that. Unfortunately, the execution could be much better. You should think about more interesting and complicated layout (some patterns maybe), coz now it looks too empty.
Comments posted: 3
Date joined: November 2010
Last active: 1361 days ago
by Kalipto on 5. November 2010 21:16
Yea the idea and concept is awesome but you would need to work on the visualisation side and make it look 'pritty' In terms of Design both factors "idea" and "looks" is important

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