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. Phat killer .

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Need for Speed Underground
Car: Dodge Neon
Date added: Friday, 3. December 2010
From garage: Just UG1
Description: Ok now , about the rims....I know that most of you will hate it(it's ok with me :p) but at least try to understand how they go with the whole concept. They kind of bring something new in ug1 too(at least for me). The vinyls used 3 layers this time....well it's meant to look like some playing with bodyvinyl and yellow tribal. I wanted the bodykit to look simple , any custom looked too cheap. Spoiler balances the rear well imo.

So , as I said , you don't need to like this style to please me at all , just try to get it.



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kostovmilica9 Serbia
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by kostovmilica9 on 30. December 2010 19:57
Hmmm , I've seen in real tuning that there were some modern cars like this one with phat wheels. But how you say , it's your thought.
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