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Blacklist #15

<< Pocky MazdaSpeed 3The Desu Fighter >> by J-Hoax

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Volkswagen R32
Date added: Wednesday, 2. February 2011
From garage: The Desu Fighters
Description: The little Volkswagen that could....
I could take this thing up to 314 km/h in Most wanted!
Instead of the Chinese letters on the side and hood I simply placed "Desu" on the side and a big "F" for fighters on the hood. I only do get 31 vintyls, you know...


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Joined: 2. Feb 2011
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by qweerproline on 4. February 2011 09:08 • Given 1*
Good job, but you must be more attentive to the details.
J-Hoax Canada
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Date joined: October 2010
Last active: 1229 days ago
by J-Hoax on 21. March 2011 13:54
I'm sure you read the description.

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