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<< silvia by LadyMarmalade

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Need for Speed World
Car: Lamborghini Murciélago LP-640
Date added: Monday, 8. August 2011
From garage: NFSW garage by LadyMarmalade


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TS-X Croatia
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Comments posted: 1309
Date joined: May 2007
Last active: 931 days ago
by TS-X on 9. February 2012 11:32 • Given 5*
The best car the showroom has ever seen! Why? Well I'll tell you why.

I like the color. Matte black. Cold, dark. Plus this cyan blue just adds up to the cold feel of it. Its supercool in the right sense, sub zero, ice-cool. Feels and looks the part.

I like the rims - sporty but not racing. Same color scheme, same feel, but they give out that rich-tuning touch to it, fits the Lambo perfectly.

The vinyls on the side... the cold cyan thing - like a cancer, taking over out of the dark, and dark subtle shadow on the front, that flows so nicely, its brilliant.

Now the cherry on the top has to be hood vinyl. At first I didn't even see the girls face, and even with that, cold blue beeeze, just in the corner, following the lines of the car in perfect directions, spreading out of that goth cross, that just sums up the whole dark-cold theme of it, and just then I realized - That is a HAIR!!! And the silhouette lines, drawing out the girl so perfectly. I mean, i dont know what shapes you used, how did you resize them into this, but it looks just magnificent. Everything is spot on, shape-on, perfect! And the way those subtle lines and dots draw such a perfect composition, out of the dark, it is AMAZING!

Now, i have seen every car on this site worth seeing, and believe me, no one has ever done anything like this. We all know how to enhance the car lines with vinyls, something like your Viper, some go further and try to create a scene out of vinyl shapes, among the best is ErickS883 (sth like that), and there were others that did something alike, but they all used already existing face vinyls and edited them into something else by layering other shapes over it.

That is nothing compared to this. So few shapes, so perfect, and the face they create is just - pure art and skill. And that is why i think - you are the best car stylist this showroom is about to witness!

The way is see this car and the art on in. It has a story, a soul wrapped in and out of it - its a sexy thing (both Lambo and the girl) gone cold and dark - and you better not mess around with it no matter how tempted you are! And it's absolutely, mesmerizingly - BRILLIANT!

Last edited: 2012-02-09 12:02:03. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
Rizur Finland
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Comments posted: 3899
Date joined: August 2007
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by Rizur on 9. February 2012 16:17 • Given 5*
^That is one great comment.

Even though I'm not as elated as TS-X, I also think this is really nice work. I've seen quite many 'face designs' in World but they usually lack the connection with the car itself. But this one has the same theme throughout the whole car and it flows pretty well. I also like the color combination a lot and the matte paint was a great choise.

But yea it's a great design, definately worth 5*.
And you should be really happy you got TS-X to write a comment (and what an amazing comment it was) because he doesnt drop comments everyday ;P
TS-X Croatia
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Comments posted: 1309
Date joined: May 2007
Last active: 931 days ago
by TS-X on 10. February 2012 11:12 • Given 5*
Exactly my point - All those face design tuners use the car just as a canvas for the image. I am your father v2 by Hot pepper is a perfect casing point. No matter what car it is, how it looks, feels etc, the only thing that matters is that there is a big flat surface he could use for the image. Thats why most of them use hood as that canvas. And there is no connection with the car what-so-ever.

Thing about this one here - its stylishly put in the corner, subtle shapes that sink into it, color scheme, and the fact that it goes inside out of the car... all that makes it the best ever.
That is IMO of course

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