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. Lost Import .

by skyline95

Basic info

Need for Speed Underground
Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Date added: Monday, 15. June 2009
From garage: . nova
Description: Not more, not less, but a GSX! Spent over 3 hours for those vinyls, over 2 days on re-brushing, and one day on the pres, effects and other stuff... And yes, this IS Underground 1! I hope you'll all like it. This is the first car for the .nova team! Enjoy everyone!

Thanks to Moe-Z- for the name, and for some little help about the pres...


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Joined: 15. Jun 2009
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Wegeta Slovakia
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Comments posted: 718
Date joined: May 2008
Last active: 1131 days ago
by Wegeta on 16. June 2009 20:07 • Given 5*
thats great
Rizur Finland
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Comments posted: 3899
Date joined: August 2007
Last active: 645 days ago
by Rizur on 16. June 2009 20:26 • Given 5*
I dont know much about UG1 tuning but this looks damn good
When I quickly looked this I first thought it was from ProStreet, lol.
The color combo is cool here and it fits the car well
Vinyls also look great. I like the spikes, they remind me of bones or something :p
I also like the spoilerness and rims are nice.

Pres also looks great and rebrushing makes the car 'come alive' Headlights are really cool.
Floor also looks amazing with all the light reflections, but maybe those mountains on the bg could be better.

Overall 10+fav
skyline95 Croatia
skyline95`s avatar

Comments posted: 3959
Date joined: July 2007
Last active: 110 days ago
by skyline95 on 16. June 2009 23:30
@Rizur: Those mountains are made by brushes which I made... XD Thanks!

@Everyone: Thanks all!
Evil Kid Weaselmush United States
Evil Kid Weaselmush`s avatar

Comments posted: 6772
Date joined: November 2006
Last active: 4 days ago
by Evil Kid Weaselmush on 17. June 2009 05:13 • Given 5*
lovely! 5

TekuRacers United States
TekuRacers`s avatar

Comments posted: 202
Date joined: May 2008
Last active: 1025 days ago
by TekuRacers on 17. June 2009 10:55
ok... i hate everything about the car, exept that its a eclipse and the wicked neon show, everything else is a no no in my book =P
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