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December 2002

New version of FSHTool
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas!
Rate NFS6 cars
New cars, track, util
1000 cars on NFS Unlimited
OEdit released

November 2002

New cars
NFSHP2: Beta patch released
23 new cars
Mesh editing in NFSHP2
7 new cars, new util
NFS7 on the way
8 new NFSHP2 cars
NFS HP2 Patch coming up
NFSHP2: new cars and util
Erix says goodbye
NFSHP2: new utils and cheats
New affiliate

October 2002

VIV Wizard amd FHS Tool
New cars
First util for NFS HP2
First addon cars for NFSHP2
Gamespot review of NFS:HP2
EA closes EA Seattle facility
New demo addons / hacks
NFS:HP2: PC version on 30. October
NFS:HP2 System Requirements
Australian demo on NFS Unlimited
New NFS:HP2 PC screenshots on Gamespot
NFS:HP2: Australian demo available
Editing of NFS6 began!
NFS6 goes gold!
NFS:HP2 demo on NFS Unlimited
NFS6 Demo released!
EA does it again...
NFS6 demo on Monday!
New PS2 cheats
European release of HPII pcversion date pushed backwards
NFSHP2: New interview
NFS6 Gamespot reviews + media
NFS:HP2 demo next week
NFS:HP2 PS2 review by IGN
NFS:HP2 cheats
5 new NFS4 cars
NFS:HP2: Demo postponed, interview with producer
NFS:HP2 Xbox review, official site updated
NFS:HP2 review from TechTV's Extended Play
3 NFS:HP2 commercials
NFS:HP2: In USA today, Europe end of month
IGN review of NFS:HP2 for Gamecube!

September 2002

New NFS:HP2 screenshots
New NFSPU cars
NFSHP2 demo soon available!
New news system
More info on NFSHP2
NFSHP2 gone gold
NFS Unlimited completely online
Tracks back online
New NFS HP2 movies
Site back online

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