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December 2011

Happy New Year!
Find The Spot Day 2 on January 7th
Find the Spot day two postponed
Find The Spot Day Two Cancelled..
750 SB + Porsche 959 codes + 1500 SB and Starter Pack
Find The Spot Day 1 ended
4 more Snowflakes for Find The Spot
NFS World Christmas patch
Find The Spot in NFS World, win cool prizes!
Signature Edition Booster Pack coming
Need for Speed World Interactive Trailer
The Run Patch 1.3 is out
Winter comes to NFS World + new cars
Official Need for Speed World
Abusing bugs is the same as cheating.

November 2011

NFS World "Event Extravaganza" & new patch
World updates - new cars, new features, fixes
VIP rewards for past NFS players
The Run Launch Trailer
The Run first video review out
The Run offer for PC preorder
Need for Speed The Run Soundtrack
The Run / Battlefield 3 Frostbite interview
The Run TV Commercial
The Run Multiplayer Trailer

October 2011

The Run Online Producer Interview
The Run demo only available until Tuesday
New NFS The Run Trailer
The Run Exclusive Preview
The Run interview with Justin Wiebe
The Run minimum PC system requirements
Top 5 things in The Run according to Gamespot
NFS The Run Challenge Series
World Update brings new cars
The Run Run For Your Life trailer
The Run Demo now available on Live
The Run PS3 Exclusives
NFS: The Run PS3 Exclusives
[CTC 22] Results!
Free SpeedBoost for 4mil facebook fans
NFS The Run On The Edge Trailer
NFS The Run Demo coming October 18th
CTC [22] UG2 Tuner Challenge Voting!

September 2011

NFS The Run Cover Girls trailer
NFS The Run Story Trailer
CTC 22 [UG2] Tuner Challenge Entry is Open!
Free SpeedBoost for yesterday's outage
Porsche Carrera S in NFS The Run
World receives 3 new cars
Hot Pursuit Photo Challenge Finalist
Showroom Insider #57
[CTC #22] UG2 Theme Voting
Most Wanted comeback in The Run

August 2011

Game Voting for [CTC #22]
NFS World Updates
World Anniversary Giveaway
NFS World Gamescom Trailer
CTC 21 Results!
NFS The Run Buried Alive Trailer
Showroom Insider #56 Is Here!
Important note to all NFS World players
CTC 21 - Modern Challenge Voting Now Open!
NFS: The Run Limited Edition
SHIFT 2 coming to iOS

July 2011

CTC 21 Signup Extended Until 4th August
Who wants SpeedBoost
Need for Speed The Run Preview at IGN
World Maintenance Window
The Run Insider Series ep 3: the physics
Update to NFSUnlimited General Rules
The Run Insider Series producer interview
[CTC 21] Modern Challenge entry open!
[CTC #21] ProStreet - Theme Voting

June 2011

Download PC Legends and SpeedHunters DLC now!
New game mode added to World
World Audi A1 Community Event
SHIFT 2 DLC Free on PC
The Run Jason De Long Producer Interview
Need for Speed The Run Extended Gameplay Trailer
Need for Speed The Run Producer Interview
Need for Speed The Run Death From Above Trailer
Need for Speed The Run E3 Gameplay Demo
Need for Speed The Run at E3
World Tuner Challenge Results Announced!
Raptr Social Gaming
World Update May 31st

May 2011

Audi A1 clubsport quattro coming to World
SHIFT 2 SpeedHunters and Legends Pack DLC on PC
World Tuner Challenge voting open!
SHIFT2 SpeedHunters DLC now out
World Tuner Challenge Prizes
SHIFT 2 SpeedHunters DLC Trailer
SHIFT 2 SpeedHunters Pack DLC
World Tuner Challenge entry now open!
The Run questions answered
New World patch brings new Fords

April 2011

Drive a Ferrari in Need for Speed SHIFT PC
Need for Speed The Run Official Announcement
SHIFT 2 PC Patch #1 Out
Need For Speed: The Run Trailer
SHIFT 2 Autolog Challenge Part 3 Winners
SHIFT2 Legends DLC Tracks and Cars
Autolog Challenge Last Chance
Vote for the World Challenge theme!
New Showroom Moderators
SHIFT 2 Legends Pack DLC Trailer
SHIFT 2 Autolog Challenge International Part 3
SHIFT 2 IE9 Sweepstakes
Autolog Challenge Part2 Winners
Autolog Challenge Part 2 Last Day
International Autolog Challenge Part 2
International Autolog Challenge Part1 Winners
Voice Chat coming to World
International Autolog Challenge Update
Play Classic Need for Speed games online
SHIFT 2 *International* Autolog Challenge
SHIFT 2 Free Camaro SS Promotion
SHIFT 2 Attacking Corners Trailer

March 2011

Drag coming to SHIFT2 as DLC?
SHIFT 2 Autolog Time Attack Challenge trailer
World Patch 5.16
Team Escape now available in World
SHIFT2 Last Manufacturer Monday
Hot Pursuit PC Patch #4
SHIFT 2 Launch Trailer
SHIFT 2 Big And Detailed Preview
SHIFT 2 Track List Complete
ProStreet PC Servers shutting down
SHIFT 2: Unleashed Soundtrack listed
SHIFT 2 Rewards for past NFS players
Official SHIFT 2 PC System requirements
SHIFT 2 Manufacturer Monday
World Patch 5.15, Murcielago Edition
SHIFT 2 Tommy Milner Laguna Seca
SHIFT 2 Track Thursday
SHIFT 2 Hands on all day today and tomorrow
More SHIFT 2 Q&A on SpeedHunters
World Patch 5.14
SHIFT 2 Manufacturer Monday
2 new disciplines: Works and Retro
Aftermarket Shop coming to World
SHIFT 2 Dangerous Corners Trailer
SHIFT 2 Track Thursday
SHIFT 2 Manufacturer Tuesday?
SHIFT 2 FAQ on SpeedHunters
SHIFT 2 Autolog Drift Challenge
Server Move
4 new tracks revealed in Track Thursday
World Patch 5.12
SHIFT 2 Career Rivals
Lamborghini Untamed DLC out now!
More manufacturers revealed in SHIFT2

February 2011

SHIFT 2 New Tracks and Cars
SHIFT 2 Hands on impressions at VirtualR
Hot Pursuit Armed & Dangerous DLC out
SHIFT 2 Authenticity and Realism
SHIFT 2 Manufacturer Monday: Nissan & Infiniti
Pagani Huayra in SHIFT 2
Hot Pursuit Porsche Pack Races Revealed
SHIFT 2 Track Thursday
Hot Pursuit DLC 3 pack Confirmed
Interview With Hadouken!
SHIFT 2 Manufacturer Monday
Hot Pursuit Porsche and Lambo packs on the way
Hot Pursuit Patch 1.2 available on PS3 and 360
New SHIFT 2 Tracks Revealed
Mazda RX-7 FC3S in SHIFT2 Unleashed
World Patch 5.09
SHIFT 2 New Cars Revealed
New tracks and manufacturers in SHIFT 2
Physics in SHIFT 2 Unleashed
SHIFT2 Lighting And Damage
World Patch 5.08 Release Notes

January 2011

24h of NFS Community Event
Rumour: Complete SHIFT 2 Cars and Tracks List
The Rims in SHIFT 2 Unleashed
SHIFT2 First Tracks and Cars confirmed
World Patch 5.07 Release Notes
Showroom Insider #55
SHIFT 2 Unleased Career Trailer
'65 Pontiac GTO coming to World
World Create A Track Contest
SHIFT2 Limited Edition Trailer
Hot Pursuit PC Patch with free cars released!
World Patch 5.06
Official SHIFT2 Unleashed Release Date
World Patch 5.05
SHIFT 2 release date announced

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