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The tenth installment in the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed Carbon delivers the next generation of adrenaline-filled street racing and will challenge players to face the ultimate test of driving skill on treacherous canyon roads.

What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed Carbon immerses you into the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing. You and your crew must race in an all-out war for the city, risking everything to take over your rivals' neighbourhoods one block at a time. As the police turn up the heat, the battle ultimately shifts to Carbon Canyon, where territories and reputations can be lost on every perilous curve. Need for Speed Carbon delivers the next generation of customization giving you the power to design and tweak your crews' cars in every way using the ground-breaking new AutoSculpt technology. Represent your car class, your crew, and your turf in Need for Speed Carbon, the next revolution in racing games.


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Game Info

  • Developer: EA Black Box
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Dates: November 1, 2006 (US) |November 3, 2006 (Europe) | November 9, 2006 (Germany)
  • Available on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS[1], Wireless[1], PC, PSP[1], GameBoy Advance[1]
    Note: PS3 and Wii versions of the game will release with the respective consoles.



Driving through Carbon Canyon on a route to Palmont City, a flashback of what seems to be a race against Kenji, Angie, and Wolf comes to the player's mind. A police incident at the end of the race forces the player to make a hasty escape from Palmont. In present day, former Police Sergeant, now turned bounty hunter, Cross in his Chevrolet Corvette Z06 chases the player down the canyon leading to his BMW M3 GTR being totaled. Shortly before Cross can arrest the player, Darius and his crew arrive. Darius gives Cross $150,000, and the player meets up with Nikki, an ex-girlfriend, on bad terms.

Darius tells the player with the help of Nikki to clean up his image by beating the rival racing crews to gain territory and to reclaim his reputation as a respected street racer in Palmont. Winning races one by one, the player acquires territories and ultimately districts from Kenji (Downtown), Angie (Kempton), and Wolf (Fortuna). After beating each racer, the player meets up with a former member of that racer's gang, who want to join the player's crew and reveal their observations regarding the night the player took off from Palmont.

Owning all three districts, Darius asks the player to meet up with him, where he reveals he was just using the player all along to get more territory. When Darius leaves, the player, on the brink of being arrested by Cross, is saved by Nikki who tells him that she now realizes everything that happened months ago after piecing together her view of the night and the viewpoints of the other racers. Realizing that Darius was ultimately liable for the player's fall that fateful night, the player attempts to conquer Silverton, and oust Darius and his Stacked Deck crew, to clean up the player's reputation once and for all.

Winning races against Stacked Deck, the player gets his chance to meet Darius in the canyon. But he tells the player that he will, again, have to beat the previous three bosses(Kenji, Angie, Wolf) in the canyons and cities to battle him. Beating them, the player ultimately races against Darius and defeats him. At the end of the game, Darius says "enjoy it while it lasts, there's always someone out there who's a little faster than you are, and sooner or later they're gonna catch up...", shortly after the player drives away in Darius's Audi R8.

Special Editions

Need for Speed Carbon will have three special editions, each with its own exclusive content.


  • AutoSculpt™ technology that allows you to literally morph and sculpt your car.
  • 50+ fully customizable cars
  • Three distinctly different car classes (Tuner, Muscle, Exotic)
  • Crew racing experience
  • Night time racing
  • Enhanced police experience
  • Jam-packed online experience
  • Brand new PhotoShoot mode
  • Brand new offline and online race modes

For more information, see the NFS Carbon FAQ



  • Bushido, led by Kenji, the tuner boss. They control downtown Palmont.
  • 21st Street, led by Angie, the muscle car boss. They control Kempton.
  • TFK, led by Wolf, the exotic boss. They control Fortuna. (hence their name, standing for The Fortuna Kings)
  • Stacked Deck, led by Darius, the final boss. They control Silverton.

Minor crews:

These only dominate a few race parts and will occasionally try to take over your territory.

  • Los Colibres
  • Scorpios
  • Rotor 4
  • Inferno
  • Kings
  • Black Hearts

Crew Skills

  • Mechanic - Increases nitrous' potency, speedbreaker's longevity and car and parts discounts.
  • Fixer - Adds extra cash after winning and lessening police activity at a race.
  • Fabricator - Can modify certain AutoSculpt parts, such as by manipulating its width or height.
  • Scout - Finds shortcuts to win the race faster.
  • Blocker - Can take out opponent vehicles.
  • Drafter - Essentially works as a slipstream, the player's speed increases if he stays behind the drafter.

PC System Requirements

The minimum PC system requirements for Need for Speed Carbon are the following:

Operating System: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 / Windows XP Service Pack 2
(64-bit versions are not compatible)
Processor: 1.7 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 4.7 GB for CD/DVD versions / 11 GB for EA Downloader version (5GB for download, 6GB for install)
Optical Drive: 8x DVD drive (Europe) / CD drive (North America)
The Collector's Edition only comes in PC-DVD format and requires a DVD drive
Video Card: A video card with 64 MB memory and one of these chipsets is required:

NVIDIA GeForce3 / NVIDIA GeForce4 (Ti series only) / ATI Radeon 8500.
Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Online Multiplayer: 512 Kbps connection; 2-8 Players
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Optional: USB Steering Wheel / Dual Analogue Gamepad

Note: This game contains technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some DVD-ROM, DVD-RW and virtual drives.