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 Monday, 9. October 2017

Need For Speed World Online (2017)

by Kaffa at 18:51 • Comment (1)


For those who still seek the thrill of NFSW.....

There is a rebooted version online, still buggy and not fully functional but we can play the game, buy all with IGC so no boost needed!!

Download : GameLauncher-installer-release.exe

Register and play!

 Monday, 13. July 2015

One Last Ride before THE END!

by DJBIDOUILE at 18:43 • Comment (1)


It's been great 5 years roaming the streets of Rockport and Palmont, but the time has come for us to evacuate the World and move on to other games. Here is our evacuation plan:

One Last Ride on July 13th and 14th (every hour on the hour)

Meeting location: Rosewood Bus Terminal

Evacuation direction: Counterclockwise (start driving northwest)

Evacuation speed: 100 km/h / 60 mph (a bit faster on the highways).

Cars: The one you love the most

Evacuation Schedule for next 24 hours (preferred shard, secondary shard):

Monday 15:30 meeting / 16:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Monday 16:30 meeting / 17:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

Monday 17:30 meeting / 18:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Monday 18:30 meeting / 19:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

Monday 19:30 meeting / 20:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Monday 20:30 meeting / 21:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

Monday 21:30 meeting / 22:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Monday 22:30 meeting / 23:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

Monday 23:30 meeting / 00:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Tuesday 00:30 meeting / 01:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 01:30 meeting / 02:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 02:30 meeting / 03:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 03:30 meeting / 04:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 04:30 meeting / 05:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 05:30 meeting / 06:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 06:30 meeting / 07:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 07:30 meeting / 08:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 08:30 meeting / 09:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 09:30 meeting / 10:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 10:30 meeting / 11:00 convoy (Apex US, Chicane US)

Tuesday 11:30 meeting / 12:00 convoy (Chicane US, Apex US)

Tuesday 12:30 meeting / 13:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

Tuesday 13:30 meeting / 14:00 convoy (Chicane EU, Apex EU)

Tuesday 14:30 meeting / 15:00 convoy (Apex EU, Chicane EU)

[b]NOTICE: The evacuation will stop when the game goes offline at 16:00! [/b]

You can coordinate your evacuation times and shards with other players using the [url][/url] and [url][/url] on Facebook.

[b]Thank you all for sticking with us until the end![/b]

 Sunday, 17. May 2015

Here's the list of the new drag tracks

by DJBIDOUILE at 10:44 • Comment (1)


It's May 17th in Need for Speed World and it's time for us to do some racing in drag. In this event we will be unlocking the Platinum Pack and the strongest Ultra Tuned 4-Star performance parts for in-game cash purchases by simply doing drag races in singleplayer, multiplayer or private match modes on any drag tracks (including the new ones) with any cars we own. Simple and easy. The first target is a bit above an average weekly drag race count, but it could be easily achieved a lot faster, if we can get our troops mobilized. So, just keep your eyes on the prize and do some racing in drag!

Here are the 2 targets and what they will unlock:

1. 500,000 = Platinum Pack

2. 1,000,000 = Speedsciens power parts and Attack Motorsport handling parts

Here's the list of the new drag tracks:

1. Backwood Split

2. Breakneck

3. Chinatown Showdown

4. Highway 142

5. Neon Crossroads

6. Tram Underpass

7. Unlocalized String Drag

Related links:

Official group on Facebook: Need for Speed World Community [url][/url]

Event page on Facebook: Racing in Drag Community Goal Event [url][/url]

 Monday, 11. May 2015

Gold Pack is now available !

by DJBIDOUILE at 15:51 • Comment (1)


[b]Gold Pack is now available for $80,000[/b]

Thank you Jussi. :)

 Thursday, 7. May 2015

Racing for Skills - Completed!

by DJBIDOUILE at 17:10 • Comment (1)


[b]Racing for Skills - Completed![/b]

Wednesday was the sixth and the final day in our Racing for Skills Community Goal Event. All targets are now destroyed and the Explore, Pursuit and Race Skill Packs unlocked for in-game cash.

Here are the combined results of this event:

Dates Shard Event Mode Count

5.1.–5.6. APEX Circuit 143,751

5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Circuit 324,272

5.1.–5.6. APEX Drag 152,768

5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Drag 273,635

5.1.–5.6. APEX Pursuit 109,033

5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Pursuit 195,345

5.1.–5.6. APEX Sprint 823,149

5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Sprint 1,663,435

5.1.–5.6. APEX Team Escape 368,720

5.1.–5.6. CHICANE Team Escape 417,672

5.1.–5.6. BOTH All Modes 4,471,780

Stay tuned for our next unlocking event on Friday.

Lowering the ramp !

by DJBIDOUILE at 17:06 • Comment (1)


There's a car hauler arriving at the dealer today! It brings 11 cars for IGC, as listed below:

- Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro "Worthersee" / [b]$600,000[/b]

- BMW 135i Coupé "Blacktop" / [b]$250,000 [/b]

- BMW 135i Coupé "Flexor" / [b]$375,000[/b]

- BMW M3 Sport Evolution / [b]$637,500[/b]

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X / [b]$600,000[/b]

- Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 / [b]$1,575,000[/b]

- Porsche 911 Turbo "Glacier" / [b]$425,000 [/b]

- Porsche 911 Turbo "Rose" / [b]$637,500[/b]

- Renault Sport Clio V6 / [b]$375,000[/b]

- Scion tC / [b]$412,500[/b]

- Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe / [b]$712,500[/b]


 Friday, 1. May 2015

Racing for Skills Community Goal Event

by DJBIDOUILE at 06:52 • Comment (1)


It takes skills to be a good driver in the real world, but in Need for Speed World even the best drivers want that extra edge over the competition. In this community goal event, we can hone our own technique while unlocking skills for our cars. This time all event modes (Sprint, Circuit, Drag, Team Escape and singleplayer Pursuit) are counted, so all you need to do is just drive, drive and drive until the targets are met.

Here are the targets and what they will unlock:

[b]1,000,000 Events[/b] = Explore Skill Pack for IGC

[b]2,200,000 Events[/b] = Pursuit Skill Pack for IGC

[b]4,000,000 Events[/b] = Race Skill Pack for IGC

This event has no deadline. It will be over when all targets are destroyed.

 Wednesday, 29. April 2015

car packs are now available for 499,999 IGC

by DJBIDOUILE at 06:43 • Comment (1)


Lots of speculation. Lots of rumors. Lots of anticipation. And now it's here!

The community has beaten the challenge goal and the car packs are now available for [b]499,999 IGC[/b].

 Tuesday, 28. April 2015

ProStreet vinyls for active players

by DJBIDOUILE at 06:56 • Comment (1)


As you know, the SpeedBoost purchases were disabled on [b]April 15th[/b]. This also means that our players are no longer able to add vinyls into their accounts via top-up offers. We have solved this issue by starting to add the top-up vinyls on the active player accounts.

Today we are in the process of adding [b]ProStreet themed vinyls[/b] to all players who successfully completed at least one in-game event (Circuit, Sprint, Drag, Team Escape or singleplayer Pursuit) last week. If you already had all five ProStreet vinyl sets, you won't see any change, but if you didn't, your ProStreet vinyl selection will be completed today.

 Wednesday, 15. April 2015

The Race is Coming to an end.

by DJBIDOUILE at 14:55 • Comment (1)

After five years on the race track, Need for Speed World is about to run its last lap. The free-to-play PC action racer will be permanently shutting down its servers on July 14th 2015. Purchases of SpeedBoosts will be disabled as of today.

When it launched 2010, Need for Speed World brought together best-in-class action racing with an unparalleled social experience on PC. However, five years on, we feel that the game no longer lives up to the high standard set by the Need for Speed franchise. The steady stream of live content kept our players engaged but unfortunately we were not able to keep pace with feature development. At this point, the major overhaul needed to bring the game up to speed is not viable for us, so after careful review we came to a decision to stop development and begin winding down support of Need for Speed World.

We’re still leaving Need for Speed World on for a couple more months. If you have a balance of in-game currency, we encourage you to spend it before July 14th. While you can spend the currency you already have, we are disabling the functionality to purchase SpeedBoost, as well as the ability to register new accounts, from now until the closing date.

It’s been a great ride. We would like to thank our community for a wonderful five years. We’re grateful for the time we spent together.

Need for Speed World development team.

Source : [url][/url]