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 Tuesday, 31. January 2012

Italian Edition Pack for The Run

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After announcing the first PC patch a couple of hours ago, EA is at full swing when it comes to Need For Speed: The Run. They have just announced a new DLC pack, and so far exclusive to the PlayStation 3. This new pack adds 7 of the finest Italian vehicles ever made, and also 10 exclusive Challenge Series events. Each car will have an unlockable kit, a Signature and a NFS Edition, and they can be used in The Run, Challenge Series or Multiplayer modes.

The DLC is now available on the North American PlayStation Store for $6.99. European players will have to wait until tomorrow (Wednesday 1st) to buy the DLC.

[b]Here is the car list:[/b]

- Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

- Lamborghini Diablo SV

- Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

- Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

- Maserati GranTurismo Stradale

- Maserati MC12

- Pagani Zonda R

[url=]Check the trailer here![/url]

NFS The Run PC patch available

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Need For Speed: The Run was released in November 2011, and while the consoles have already seen a couple of patches, the PC patch has been delayed... until now. EA has announced that the first PC patch is finally available, and to compensate PC players for the delay, they are also giving the [b]Signature Edition Booster Pack[/b] for free alongside the patch! This DLC adds 9 heavily customized (both visual and performance) cars.

[b]Here is the list of fixes:[/b]

- 30 FPS cap is disabled when v-sync is set to OFF in advanced display settings;

- Miscellaneous fixes for gamepad and peripheral support;

- Tweaked reset behavior for a number of tracks in The Run where resets seemed too close to the main race route;

- When players go off track, they will be reset back onto the track instead of at the last checkpoint. Crashes will still result in a reset to the last checkpoint;

- Fixed issue where Autolog split time HUD would sometimes disappear after a vehicle reset;

- Updated car images will now be displayed in Challenge Series loading screen;

- Added Quick Match option from multiplayer menu;

- Players now ha! ve the option to mute VOIP of other players in multiplayer sessions;

- Reduced unrealistic behaviors when multiplayer opponents drive off-road or collide with world objects;

- Fixed issue where sometimes icons wouldn’t display for playgroup members in the intermission screen;

- Animated recently completed solo and group objectives in the intermission screen;

- Display active objectives in the pre-race loading screen;

- Tabs will now auto-cycle during the intermission screen, manually tabbing between screens will disable the auto cycling;

- Countdown timers in MP will flash orange in the last 5 seconds;

- Will still display session rewards for players that finish the last race in a session after all other players have left the session;

- Hide the empty race results and session standing tabs in the intermission screen when joining a race in progress;

- Autolog Gallery: fix to extend scroll bar for entire length of gallery;

- Autolog News: fixed alignment of news list and top! of news image;

- Autolog Friends: now displays whether a friend is online, joinable or offline in player badge;

- Autolog Friends: added option to join a friend’s multiplayer session from the friends list, if friend is in a joinable session;

- Autolog Photo: now displays the proper error message when a photo upload fails due to being out of space;

[b]New cars:[/b]

- [url=]Puppet Chevy El Camino SS[/url]

- [url=]Fatlace Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R[/url]

- [url=]Venom Nissan 370Z[/url]

- [url=]Scoundrel Subaru Impreza WRX STi[/url]

- [url=]Victory BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution[/url]

- [url=]Nicolas Mazda RX-7[/url]

- Mega Nissan GT-R (R35)

- [url=]Falken Porsche 911 GT3[/url]

- [url=]Conroy Ford GT[/url]

To get the patch simply login to Origin on your PC and it will automatically download / install the patch.

 Sunday, 18. December 2011

Signature Edition Booster Pack coming

by Bojan at 09:14 • Comment (1)


Need for Speed The Run is getting a DLC pack of 9 heavily customized (both visual and performance) cars. The following cars will be available in all game modes.

‘Fatlace’ Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

‘Venom’ Nissan 370Z

‘Scoundrel’ Subaru WRX STi

‘Victory’ BMW M3 Sport Evolution

‘Conroy’ Ford GT

‘Puppet’ Chevy El Camino

‘Nicholas’ Mazda RX-7

‘Mega’ Nissan GT-R

‘Falken’ Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Available on December 20th on PlayStation3 and Xbox360.

 Tuesday, 13. December 2011

The Run Patch 1.3 is out

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Available for PlayStation 3 (already out) and Xbox 360 (coming shortly), the latest patch contains the following updates:

[quote]*Improvements to reset behavior in Single Player:

-When players go off track, they will be reset back onto the track (similar to the reset behavior in online multiplayer races) instead of at the last checkpoint. Crashes will still result in a reset to the last checkpoint.

-We’ve modified the reset behavior for a number of tracks in The Run where resets seemed too close to the main race route. This should reduce some frustration for players where they’ve suddenly been reset by just barely going off course.

* Multiplayer

– reduce the severity of racer to racer collisions in multiplayer races and jarring reactions by the game camera.

- Fix to address a connectivity issues sometimes seen when attempting to join multiplayer sessions on PS3

– Fix for load and connectivity issues being experienced on PS3.


– fix an issue where the Autolog friends list would sometimes appear empty and Speedwalls would display ‘Your Friend’ instead of the proper friends name.[/quote]

Update should be available the next time you boot up the game (PS3). PC patch is in the works, but no ETA given.

 Wednesday, 16. November 2011

VIP rewards for past NFS players

by Bojan at 09:35 • Comment (1)

If you played any of the past Need for Speed games, your eligible for the following rewards in The Run:

* The Run demo players:

[b]Need for Speed Edition BMW 1M Coupe[/b]

* Hot Pursuit players:

[b]Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3[/b] and [b]Hot Pursuit profile icon[/b]

* SHIFT 2 Unleashed players:

[b]Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3[/b] and [b]SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED profile icon[/b]

* World players:

[b]Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3[/b]

More info [url=]here[/url].

 Tuesday, 15. November 2011

The Run Launch Trailer

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It's November 15th today and Need for Speed The Run is now available!

 Monday, 14. November 2011

The Run first video review out

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With Need for Speed The Run release being tomorrow, the reviews have started coming in. One of the first is [url=]up on Gametrailers[/url]. For the impatient, they gave it a final score of [b]8.4[/b].

[url=]Check it out here[/url].

Also if you want to see more of The Run, they'll be streaming the first hour of gameplay today at 3pm PST (23:00 GMT) and 6pm PST (02:00 GMT). Senior producer Steve Anthony will also be there to answer your questions.

[url=]More info and live stream link[/url]

 Wednesday, 9. November 2011

The Run offer for PC preorder

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There's a special bonus available for Need for Speed The Run on EA's Origin digital download service. Preorder The Run for PC before November 14th and you'll get either [b]Need for Speed Hot Pursuit[/b] or [b]SHIFT 2 Unleashed[/b] for free plus the Carbon Challenge series with Darius' R8.

[url=]Find the offer on Origin[/url]

 Monday, 7. November 2011

Need for Speed The Run Soundtrack

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The complete soundtrack for Need for Speed The Run. Not the typical soundtrack we're used to in a Need for Speed game. And to quote the official site on it:
[quote]The soundtrack reflects our main character Jack's experiences and races. It's an integral part of the story of the game. The songs are seamlessly combined with a full score by Hollywood composer Brian Tyler ("Fast Five, Battle for Los Angeles") to create the ultimate Need for Speed music experience. The soundtrack is strongly influenced by American regional styles, reflecting the San Francisco to New York race.

In other words, depending on where you are in the game, you'll hear different songs to match the location, intensity, and mood of The Run![/quote]

[quote]ARTIST - SONG

Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Black Lips -The Lie

Black Pistol Fire -Trigger On My Fire

Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Way it Was

BRM - Beat the Devil's Tattoo

Canned Heat - On the Road Again

Dan Auerbach - Heartbroken, In Disrepair

Dead Weather - Treat me Like Your Mother

Donovan - Riki Tiki Tavi

Endless Boogie - Empty Eye

Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You A Thang

Girls Against Boys - Bulletproof Cupid

Handsome Furs - Damage

London Souls - the Sound

Lykke Li - Get Some

Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl

Middle Class Rut - Alive or Dead

Ministry - NWO

Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog

Reverend horton Heat - Big Red Rocket of Love

Rival Sons - Save Me

The Black Angels - Better off Alone

Unkle Feat. Nick Cave - Take the Money and Run

Ritmo Machine - La Calle

MonstrO - Solar[/quote]

Listen to the songs on [url=]this Youtube playlist[/url].

 Saturday, 5. November 2011

The Run / Battlefield 3 Frostbite interview

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Steve Anthony, senior producer for Need for Speed, and Patrick Liu, Battlefield producer, explain how the engine was used in games so different as The Run and Battlefield.