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Wake up to the smell of burnt asphalt as the thrill of illicit street racing permeates the air. From the makers of the hit Need for Speed™ Underground series, Need for Speed™ Most Wanted challenges players to become the most notorious and elusive street racer.

Combining illicit street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of strategic police pursuit that surpasses any Hollywood-style chase scene, Need for Speed Most Wanted will be on every gamer's 'must-have' list this holiday season. Out-race rivals, evade cops and exploit hundreds of miles of open road as gamers make their way up the Blacklist.

To become the most wanted racer, players must build up their street cred and Rap Sheet with gripping, white knuckle, head-to-head races with the top drivers on the streets, as well as pull daring, evasive moves to out-run and out-fox the cops that patrol the open road. Players can manage their heat or utilize a number of strategic tactics to keep the cops off their tails as they leave their rivals behind to suck their exhaust fumes. Need for Speed Most Wanted also features a variety of the hottest cars that range from tuners to super cars. You can customize your ride to race against any class of vehicles. The streets are your playground.



The player arrives in the fictional city of Rockport with a racing version of the BMW M3 GTR. Following Mia Townsend (played by Josie Maran), the player proves his driving prowess as he is pursued by a veteran police officer named Sergeant Cross, who vows to take down the player and end street racing in Rockport. Races seem to be in the player's favor until a particular group of racers, led by the game's antagonist, Clarence Razor Callahan (played by Derek Hamilton), sabotage and seize the player's car. Without a car to escape in, the player is arrested by Cross, but is later released due to lack of evidence. Mia picks up the player and then informs the player about Razor's new status on the Blacklist, a group of 15 drivers most wanted by the Rockport Police Department. She then helps by assisting the player in acquiring a new car and working his way up the Blacklist. Rivals are defeated one by one, and the player is rewarded with reputation, new rides, and ride improvements with every Blacklist member taken down. As new boroughs are opened up throughout Rockport (Rosewood, Camden Beach, and Downtown Rockport), Mia also sets up safehouses for the player to lie low in, in exchange for placement of "side bets" on the player's races.

The final challenge for the #1 spot on the Blacklist pits the player in a race against Razor, with the player emerging as the victor, thus reclaiming the BMW. When Razor refuses to relinquish ownership of the car and attacks Mia after she confiscates the keys from Razor, she subdues him, while revealing herself to be an undercover officer. Mia throws the keys to the player, and tells him to escape the incoming police force. Razor is taken into custody and the player is pursued by the entire Rockport Police Department under the command of Cross.

The player manages to slip away from Cross and abandons Rockport City by launching the BMW over an old incomplete bridge that Mia points out to the player in her last phone call. After the player's escape, Cross brings up the player's rap sheet and adds him to the National Most Wanted List. In addition to Razor, the entire Blacklist is arrested with the "help" of the player. The game continues in Need For Speed Carbon.

Unlockable Bonus Cars

Unlock cars from the bonus section by completing the following tasks. You can only race with these cars in Quick Race mode. To choose cars from the bonus section, scroll up when you're choosing a car to race with.

  • Porsche 911 GT2 - Complete every event in the challenge series.
  • Mercedes SL65 AMG - Complete event number 68 in the challenge series.
  • Chevrolet Corvette C6R - Complete the career mode in 100%
  • Unlock Sonny's VW Golf GTI - Beat Sonny in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Taz's Lexus IS300 - Beat Taz in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Vic's Toyota Supra - Beat Vic in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Izzy's Mazda RX-8 - Beat Izzy in Career mode and gain her pink slip.
  • Unlock Big Lou's Mitsubishi Eclipse - Beat Big Lou in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Baron's Porsche Cayman S - Beat Baron in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Earl's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 - Beat Earl in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Jewels's Ford Mustang GT - Beat Jewels in Career mode and gain her pink slip.
  • Unlock Kaze's Mercedes CLK 500 - Beat Kaze in Career mode and gain her pink slip.
  • Unlock Ming's Lamborghini Gallardo - Beat Ming in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Webster's Chevrolet Corvette C6 - Beat Webster in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock JV's Dodge Viper SRT 10 - Beat JV in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Ronnie's Aston Martin DB9 - Beat Ronnie in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock Bull's Mercedes SLR McLaren - Beat Bull in Career mode and gain his pink slip.
  • Unlock your stealed BMW M3 GTR - Beat Razor in Career mode.

Black Edition

The Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition is a special edition of the game that contains 3 extra races, 2 extra cars and a bonus DVD.


  • Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded In Chains
  • Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
  • Celldweller feat. Styles Of Beyond - Shapeshifter
  • Celldweller - One Good Reason
  • Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break
  • Disturbed - Decadence
  • DJ Spooky And Dave Lombardo - B-Side Wins Again feat. Chuck D
  • Evol Intent, Mayhem & Thinktank - Broken Sword
  • Hush - Fired Up
  • Hyper - We Control
  • Ils - Feed The Addiction
  • Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should (Timo Maas Remix)
  • Juvenile - Sets Go Up
  • Lupe Fiasco - Tilted
  • Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
  • Rock - I Am Rock
  • Static-X - Skinnyman
  • Stratus - You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP)
  • Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)
  • Suni Clay - In A Hood Near You
  • T.I. Presents The P$C - Do Ya Thang
  • The Perceptionists - Let’s Move
  • The Prodigy - You’ll Be Under My Wheels
  • The Roots And BT - Tao Of The Machine (Scott Humphrey’s Remix)