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Downloads: 9413
Date added: 3. Oct 2013 06:46
Star rating: 25*
'Speed' Save Game with 99 Cars
by AnishDisha
This Save Game has all the Traffic Cars, Police Cars and the Bonus Cars. It is 100% Fully Completed.
Downloads: 9869
Date added: 7. May 2012 05:01
Star rating: 0*
0% save with ALL blacklist cars & extras
by Cosmic Fist
Start with $900000000, $2 bounty and at BL racer #15 UNDEFEATED. The read me file contains more information. A trainer that can unlock all cars will be needed.

UPDATE! The 10 owned cars can now be sold for any other car you want. I've also included another version of the save ...
Downloads: 3583
Date added: 10. Nov 2011 09:13
Star rating: 8*
by Jonas2145
Ellue.. 5# BLACKLIST. NO HACKS,TRAINERS,CHEATS. Got supra, mustang and 2 maxed cars Gallardo and Golf..

have fun ;9
Downloads: 66429
Date added: 5. Dec 2005 14:12
Star rating: 22*
Black Edition Patch
by Copra
This patch will turn the normal European PC version into the Black Edition
Downloads: 61453
Date added: 6. Jan 2006 21:25
Star rating: 30*
Bonus Car Career Savegame
by Koffy
Start career with all Police and Bonus Cars (M3, GT2, C6R, AMG, Camaro) With this savegame.
Downloads: 18849
Date added: 29. Dec 2005 15:48
Star rating: 5*
Camaro Savegame
Start the game with the hidden Camaro using this savegame.
Downloads: 31460
Date added: 7. Dec 2005 11:34
Star rating: 10*
Camera Hack - v1.0
by Racer_S
This camera mod will allow you to place the camera in car behind the wheel.
Downloads: 19343
Date added: 5. Dec 2005 14:20
Star rating: 0*
Movie Extractor
by n/a
This util will extract the movies from Need for Speed Most Wanted.
Downloads: 23236
Date added: 3. May 2006 10:18
Star rating: 18*
by Loque
A tool for importing and exporting textures in Need for Speed Most Wanted, including vinyls. A tutorial is included.
Downloads: 8665
Date added: 26. Dec 2009 18:32
Star rating: 16*
Need for Speed Most Wanted savefile
by Reiji
This save file contains:
- The default BMW M3 on the Career Mode.
- A black Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution VIII on "My Cars"
- Never lost a race.
- Never arrested.
- 100% completion in Career Mode.
- 100% in Challenge Mode
- #1 Most Wanted racer in every aspect on the rap sheet.
Downloads: 17666
Date added: 6. May 2012 00:15
Star rating: 28*
by Override2Zion
An improved version of Override2Zion's original mega trainer. This version can copy parts and vinyls from other cars. You can copy a rival's vinyl like Ming's Gallardo and paste it to your Gallardo on another save. Or paste different rims on the BMW easily.

Crash fix.
Install Override2Zion's original Mega Trainer first ...
Downloads: 40974
Date added: 17. Dec 2005 15:57
Star rating: 10*
NFSMW Black Edition 1.3 MegaTrainer BETA
by Override2Zion
This is the beta version of the NFSMW MegaTrainer for MW Black Edition 1.3
Downloads: 31078
Date added: 3. Feb 2006 18:33
Star rating: 3*
NFSMW CarLot Hex Edit Guide
by Koffy
Guide on how to Hex Edit NFSMW save file to add all bonus and police cars to the carlot.
Downloads: 13252
Date added: 17. Dec 2005 15:54
Star rating: 0*
NFSMW Menu Tweak
With this tool you can change the background scene in the menu.
Downloads: 1555
Date added: 26. Sep 2013 06:05
Star rating: 0*
NFSMW Save Game with cop cars and more
by AnishDisha
In this save game, there are all the police cars and more. For more information, please read the readme.txt included in this file.

ENJOY !!!!!
Downloads: 26078
Date added: 17. Dec 2005 15:55
Star rating: 8*
NSFMW Optimizer
With this tool you can change some settings like motion blur, rain or particle effects.
Downloads: 33601
Date added: 6. Dec 2005 13:34
Star rating: 5*
Patch 1.3
by EA
Official 1.3 patch.
Downloads: 53578
Date added: 28. Jan 2006 20:40
Star rating: 17*
PinkSlip / Bonus Car Savegame
by Koffy
100% complete save file with all pinkslip cars in the safehouse, plus the Ford GT Castrol, plus Razors Mustang GT, and all bonus cars and non-undercover police cars in the car lot. Money set to 1.000.000.
Downloads: 1847
Date added: 2. Sep 2013 19:14
Star rating: 0*
Realistic ENB settings
by SirSmokeALot
All the ENB settings i found were not to my taste, so i made my own. I think the end result came out pretty well, it looks good when racing.

Pictures -
Downloads: 31234
Date added: 29. Dec 2005 16:00
Star rating: 50*
Resolution Hack
by Racer_S
Run Most Wanted at any custom resolution. Great for widescreens and notebooks.

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