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Downloads: 53986
Date added: 30. Dec 2003 08:15
Star rating: 3*
BinTex 0.3
by Arushan
This program will let you open up Textures.bin, Vinyls.bin, and any other textures and export the texture data as Direct Draw Surface (DDS) files. It also allows you to import DDS files back into the BIN file.

You can only replace an exisiting texture, you CANNOT add a texture! When playing ...
Downloads: 5860
Date added: 18. Aug 2004 07:54
Star rating: 5*
Cheat Killer
by Delta Server
This tool allows you to remove cheaters from your game by: blocking cheaters, booting laggers and ban disconnecters. The game must verify if the user is a cheater before booting them.
Downloads: 29051
Date added: 11. Dec 2003 06:01
Star rating: 4*
Need for Speed Language Selector
by Willems Davy aka Joyrider
This little tool allaws u to change the language for need for speed underground
Downloads: 56861
Date added: 30. Dec 2003 08:13
Star rating: 5*
Need for Speed Underground Music Extractor v1.0.0
by Guru
This tool will extract the NFSU soundtrack to WAV files.
Downloads: 87162
Date added: 18. Dec 2003 02:51
Star rating: 15*
Need for Speed Underground Music Importer
by Arushan
NFSU Music Importer is a program that allows you to import your own music into the NFSU engine.
Downloads: 3513
Date added: 21. Aug 2008 13:49
Star rating: 15*
Need for Speed Underground save editor
by vr6robert
Downloads: 29423
Date added: 22. Feb 2004 03:05
Star rating: 5*
NFS:U Hidden Unique Vinyls for v1.3.0
by Beowulf78
This is for Need for Speed Underground, not NFS6, but since there was no option to choose it.. here's the description This trainer makes it possible to use the vinyls that are normally unavailable, like the Samurai, NISM, FUEL, Eastsiderz etc.. This only works on NFS:U version 1.3.0
Downloads: 43608
Date added: 14. Dec 2003 12:50
Star rating: 5*
NFS:U Lan 0.9.9
by vdlgnome
This tool will allow you to play Need for Speed Underground on a LAN.

For instructions on how to set everything up visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Downloads: 20270
Date added: 21. May 2004 05:21
Star rating: 0*
by Kao ..98
This util will encode the NFSU soundtrack directly into mp3.
Downloads: 3412
Date added: 28. Jul 2006 11:49
Star rating: 0*
Patch 1.4 Final EUROPE
by EA
The final patch for European version of Need for Speed Underground
Downloads: 3100
Date added: 28. Jul 2006 11:54
Star rating: 5*
Patch 1.4 Final NORTH AMERICA
by EA
The final patch for the North American version of Need for Speed
Downloads: 53827
Date added: 6. Jan 2004 14:19
Star rating: 5*
Savegame Editor 1.0
by mift0
Complete savegame editor. Be sure to read the warning.txt in the package before using.
Downloads: 12658
Date added: 30. Dec 2003 08:16
Star rating: 0*
TJ Cheat Detector 1.01
The TJCD will detect if somebody is using more then 3 TJ parts or if they are using a set of TJs that are not available by completing single player.
Downloads: 2462
Date added: 10. Nov 2007 18:31
Star rating: 0*
Underground Mode Unlocker
by jeffareid
Once underground mode is completed, the game will not let a player re-enter underground mode to customize or trade in the underground car. This small program unlocks underground mode by re-enabling the last race of underground.
Downloads: 63988
Date added: 26. Dec 2003 08:47
Star rating: 7*
Unique Visual Upgrade Unlocker
by Beowulf78
This trainer lets you unlock all the unique visual upgrades on the one profile.

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