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Underground 2 ProStreet Undercover SHIFT World HotPursuit SHIFT2 Need for Speed 2015

A Need for Speed ProStreet Challenge.
Second ProStreet Challenge is here and with the exceptionally large amount of old muscle it contains, the American HotRod Challenge is a logical choice.
Pick your favourite 1960s or 1970s American muscle car, chrome it up and make it look flaming hot with the right vinyl choice. Make sure it can stand up to the famous General Lee!

Final results

1. place
Challenged by McW@y

Score: 1022
2. place
'Cudacious' by ErikS883

Score: 1017
3. place
-King of Bling- by tb3nz

Score: 972
4. place
My Hot Baby! - Chevy Chevelle by baumaxx1

Score: 942
5. place
Challenger by Jensenr88

Score: 941
6. place
Corvette "Roughtail" Stingray by Rizur

Score: 926
7. place
Lost Puppet R/T by Reemus

Score: 916
8. place
MaSh'Evelle by xv00d00x

Score: 892
9. place
RoadRunner by Serbiandud3

Score: 890
10. place
!Inferno! by FnF

Score: 878
11. place
Challenging the Fire by RAYADO

Score: 876
12. place
Masked Elephant by Dr.Motor

Score: 869
13. place
Corvette 67 Hotrod by baadmw

Score: 861
14. place
Camaro SS Drag by tpires

Score: 855
15. place
Purple Flame by wbf

Score: 852
16. place
Fire Runner by BKize_GT

Score: 845
17. place

Score: 838
18. place
Wasp by Bojan

Score: 837
19. place
R.I.P. Boyd by Supreme

Score: 835
20. place
Restored Beauty by P2nkz

Score: 834
21. place
Charger R/T by hardvibes03

Score: 829
22. place
GTO by speed_man

Score: 828
23. place
Shelby GT500 by 360_spinner

Score: 820
24. place
Casual by Overreactman

Score: 818
25. place

Score: 812
26. place
Da Skull Massine by maniksdi

Score: 811
27. place
Dick Landy by Sting Ray

Score: 798
28. place
daytona super sport by poseylikesherself

Score: 796
29. place
Alaska's Freezy Flames by ozzy89

Score: 789
30. place
||| <_SS_> ||| by zip_mdd

Score: 775
31. place
American GTO by skyline95

Score: 750
32. place
Modern Classic by Gunslinger

Score: 733
33. place
Charged Evil by Morty

Score: 722
34. place
Tricked Out Shelby by nfs_strKing

Score: 672
35. place
Fire & Flames Charger by Andriy242

Score: 652
36. place
Stingray by nikigti

Score: 623
37. place
Hip-Hop StyLe by TurkishStyLe

Score: 603


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wbf Brazil
wbf`s avatar

Comments posted: 448
Date joined: January 2007
Last active: 3255 days ago
by wbf on 22. March 2008 15:15
Congrats to McW@y.
It was a good choice IMO. Actually Im really happy, cause the 3 rides that I voted 10 were placed between 1st and 4th. All of these 3 entries deserved to be the winner, but the simplicity/effectiveness combo stood out again and that's really good.
Last edited: 2008-03-22 17:03:40. Edited 1 time(s) in total.
McW@y Russian Federation
McW@y`s avatar

Comments posted: 328
Date joined: January 2007
Last active: 3888 days ago
by McW@y on 22. March 2008 16:35
So many people and so much opinions. Thanks! I am glad, that my ride has liked someone
Lincoln Six Echo Guyana
Lincoln Six Echo`s avatar

Comments posted: 98
Date joined: December 2007
Last active: 4310 days ago
by Lincoln Six Echo on 22. March 2008 21:21
Yup, congrats to Mcw@y, and the runners up.
FnF Netherlands
FnF`s avatar

Comments posted: 2131
Date joined: November 2006
Last active: 3318 days ago
by FnF on 23. March 2008 05:55
Yeah congrats to McW@y, and you realy did deserve it
And great work to everyone else to, I enjoyed the competition, but the final results are a bit of a surprise to me, I wouldn't have tought that all these good clean rides would finish that high, well except for McW@y's and Eriks
And yeah I agree with Tavaski, I wouldn't have expected my ride to end at 10th
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