World Leaderboards Reset

by Bojan at 14:41 • Comments (5)Link to news article

As you may have noticed, the recent patch significantly changed car performance in Need for Speed World. As it is mostly a downgrade (in some cases up to 50kph top speed), it has become impossible to achieve the same times as prior to the patch. That's why we have cleared our World Leaderboards. All the times made from today on will be counted, but everything older has been removed.
Also if you watched the latest Ask Marc episode, they mentioned the possibility of having monthly speedAPI resets. A speedAPI reset will not have any influence on our leaderboards as we have a separate time database. That means that all times posted loaded to our leaderboards will stay on our leadeboards (until we decided on a new reset of course).
We still have all the old times in our database and if there's enough demand, we may add a switch that will show older times. Let us know.

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