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[b]Play Need for Speed on PC early![/b]

[b]Need for Speed launches onto PC on March 15th and members of Origin Access can play before it’s released![/b]


Starting March 9th, members can download the full game and take to the streets on their journey to become the Ultimate Icon. Get behind the wheel of iconic cars and floor it through the sprawling urban playground that is Ventura Bay. With an extensive range of visual and performance modifications, you can build a car to reflect your own character and style.

Experience Need for Speed for the first time with an unlocked frame rate and at 4K resolution, only on PC. Plus, combine manual gears with steering wheel support for an exciting new Need for Speed experience.

Experience Living Game updates such as the return of Eddie, who's put together a list of the hottest street racers in Ventura Bay with your name on! Earn enough REP and Melissa will be in touch as you look to compete in a series of knock-out events to earn a shot at Eddie himself.


The Play First Trial gives members ten hours to experience Need for Speed. The ten-hour clock only ticks when the game is open, so if you want to conserve your time, make sure you close the game when you're finished playing. If you head back to the streets once Need for Speed releases on March 15th all of the progress you make carries over.

Sign up for Origin Access and take back the streets early in Need for Speed! Origin Access Members can also play more games in The Vault, a list of titles which you can find here. Origin Access Members also save 10% when they purchase Need for Speed digitally.

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